PC, NPC and Boffers: Are You a LARP Expert?
by Staff
Verily, what LARP stands for may be one of the only things those who participate in them agree upon. Quiz yourself on LARP lingo and culture.

What does LARP stand for?

  • land and agrarian role-play
  • live-action role-play
  • long-range role-play

What game is this similar to?

  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Magic: The Gathering
  • Walrus

All LARPs are based in what kind of setting?

  • fantasy
  • horror
  • western
  • romance
  • Any setting will do.

What are LARP players known as?

  • LARPers
  • members
  • actors

LARPers create in-game personas known as what?

  • performers
  • personas
  • player characters

What is considered the first LARP?

  • An Tir
  • Dagorhir
  • The Gathering

Who did the local radio station promotional ad invite to Dagorhir?

  • anyone who wanted “to fight in Hobbit wars with padded weapons”
  • anyone who wanted “to hit other people with foam swords”
  • anyone who wanted “to spar with padded swords”

What does it mean to fight "sword and board"?

  • fighting with a one-handed weapon and a shield
  • fighting aggro-style
  • fighting until death

What is a "boffer"?

  • a contact or melee foam weapon
  • a realistic-looking latex weapon
  • flourishes affixed to a foam weapon

Some participants attend LARP games for free in exchange for what?

  • a foam weapon
  • chain mail
  • playing a nonplayable character (NPC)

Where in the world is LARPing most popular?

  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Japan

What is considered the largest LARP in the world?

  • ConQuest
  • Mythodea
  • Rittergut Brokeloh

Where is Alliance, is one of the oldest LARP groups in the U.S., based?

  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Washington

Which documentary film chronicles the showdown between the Mordom and Laconia kingdoms at another of America's oldest LARPs?

  • Darkon
  • The Dwarvenaut
  • The Great Kingdom

Which is considered unsafe gameplay?

  • charging
  • corkscrewing
  • turtling
  • all of these
  • none of these

True or false: The only type of contact allowed during battle is by a weapon.

  • true
  • false

In what movie does Erik's epic quest to win back his lady, Evelyn, happen at the time of the LARPers' big battle?

  • "Monster Camp"
  • "Knights of Badassdom"
  • "The Wild Hunt"

What does it equal when you add up your character's armor points and body points?

  • how much damage the character can still take
  • how much celestial magic that character can use
  • how much damage the character has dealt

If you take a hit to an arm while you're not wearing armor, what happens?

  • You lose that arm.
  • You lose half your body points.
  • You lose the game.

Which WON'T help keep you in combat-ready shape during the off-season?

  • cosplay
  • fencing
  • dancing

Which is an illegal hit during gameplay?

  • below the belt
  • to the head
  • to the neck
  • All of these are no-nos.

In many LARPs, what does the acronym "CP" stand for?

  • campaign points
  • character points
  • crunch points

Which documentary film goes inside the Seattle-based LARP group NERO?

  • "Mazes and Monsters"
  • "Monster Camp"
  • "Role Models"

What does the acronym "GM" stand for?

  • game model
  • game mechanics
  • game master

What is an acceptable reason to yell "hold" and pause gameplay?

  • a nonplayer enters the site
  • You're hit by an unsafe weapon.
  • You broke your glasses/lost a contact.
  • all of the above
  • There is no pause in gameplay.

What is yelled when a "hold" in gameplay ends?

  • Game on!
  • Huzzah!
  • Lay on!

In which comedy do LARPers accidentally conjure a succubus from hell during gameplay?

  • "Knights of Badassdom"
  • "Thaco"
  • "Zero Charisma"

True or false: The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a LARP staged in pre-17th century Europe.

  • true
  • false

If it's not a LARPing group, what is the Society for Creative Anachronism?

  • a nonprofit educational organization
  • a real kingdom
  • an annual tournament

Name one thing in a LARP that ISN'T part of the SCA experience.

  • dark elves
  • heroic quests
  • hit points
  • spells
  • None of these are part of the SCA experience.