Test Your Knowledge: Las Vegas Mobs
by Staff
For decades, Las Vegas has been known for its ties to organized crime. How much do you know about these Vegas mobsters?

What was Benjamin Sigel's nickname?

  • Lefty
  • Mickey
  • Bugsy

Why did Bugsy get into the gambling business in 1933?

  • He was hoping to do something more legitimate.
  • Bootlegging business went bad.
  • He was tired of working so much.

What sort of front business did Herbert Blitzstein run with John Spilotro in the 1990s?

  • video rental
  • jewelry
  • restaurant

Geri McGee was a model who wound up in a relationship with which gangster?

  • Frank Cullotta
  • Frank Rosenthal
  • Bugsy Siegel

What was Murder, Inc.?

  • organized crime's hit list
  • an arms company
  • a new Disney film

Which gangster was nicknamed "The Ant?"

  • John Roselli
  • Frank Rothensal
  • Anthony Spilotro

Why was one Vegas group called the "Hole in the Wall Gang?"

  • They broke holes in walls and grabbed valuables on the other side.
  • They used holes in the walls to spy on their enemies.
  • They pretended to be drywall workers when plotting their scams.

When did the mob first realize the immense potential for profits in Las Vegas?

  • right after Prohibition ended
  • after World War II
  • after the Korean War

Why did the CIA recruit gangster John Roselli in the 1960s?

  • to kill a crime boss
  • to kill Fidel Castro
  • to serve as a witness in a murder trial

In 1997, why was Herbert Blitzstein murdered by members of another gang?

  • He flirted with one of their girlfriends.
  • They wanted his rackets.
  • He'd attacked one of their men.

After the developer ran out of money, Bugsy Siegel stepped in to help finish which casino-hotel?

  • Sands
  • Golden Nugget
  • Flamingo

Before Vegas became a gambling mecca, where did Americans go to lose their money?

  • Cuba
  • Puerto Rico
  • Mexico

In Vegas, what's the "black book?"

  • a book that explains how to scam various casino games
  • a hit list
  • a list of people who were essentially banned from casinos

As more mob families began operating casinos in Vegas, how did they collaborate?

  • They gave each other interlocking shares of their businesses.
  • They threatened police and attorneys.
  • They didn't collaborate.

Which gangster earned the nickname "Lefty?"

  • Frank Rosenthal
  • Marshall Caifano
  • Michael Spilotro

In 1976, where was John Roselli's body found?

  • in the ashes of a firepit
  • a barrel in the ocean
  • a noose hanging in his hotel room

Charles Baron was mobster who was also an official greeter for which hotel?

  • Sands
  • Flamingo
  • Riviera

In the late 1960s, who changed the way business was done in Vegas?

  • Laurence Rockefeller
  • Richard King Mellon
  • Howard Hughes

How did Bugsy Siegel die?

  • hail of machine gun fire
  • car bombing
  • throat slit

Which gangster's life is highlighted by the 1995 movie "Casino?"

  • Bugsy Siegel
  • Frank Rosenthal
  • Gus Greenbaum

How did David Berman die in 1957?

  • surgical procedure
  • gunfire
  • sabotaged car

Which casino did Anthony Spilotro open with the help of Herbert Blitzstein?

  • Gold Rush
  • Circus Circus
  • Riviera

Anthony Spilotro was suspected in how many gang-related murders?

  • 43
  • 22
  • 12

In what year did a special Senate committee first investigate organized crime in Vegas?

  • 1950
  • 1963
  • 1977

What was "The Green Felt Jungle?"

  • a book about Vegas mobs
  • a TV documentary about Vegas
  • a PR campaign against Vegas mobsters

What sort of assassination attempt did Frank Rosenthal survive in 1982?

  • car bomb
  • Molotov cocktail
  • poisoning

Why was the construction of the Flamingo shut down in 1947?

  • threats of violence
  • skimming
  • lack of construction materials

Why did mobster David Berman enlist in the Canadian Army in World War II instead of signing up in the U.S. Army?

  • He couldn't write.
  • He was a convicted felon.
  • He had poor hearing.

Why was Gus Greenbaum murdered?

  • He was skimming from casinos.
  • He was asking too much in street taxes.
  • He ordered hit on a Chicago gangster.

Where were the bodies of the Spilotro brothers found?

  • in the Nevada desert
  • in an Indiana cornfield
  • in an abandoned casino