The Ultimate Laser Level Quiz
by Staff
Hanging your pictures in a straight line or cutting a straight piece of wood can be very frustrating. A laser level can make the job a lot easier. Laser levels come with various features and prices range from as little as $20 to a few thousand, depending on what you need. Take this quiz to find out about laser levels.

When is a laser level better than a traditional level?

  • for tasks over small distances
  • for tasks over large distances
  • for tasks that require the use of one hand only

Who uses laser levels?

  • construction workers
  • asphalt layers
  • anyone

What type of light is used in a laser level?

  • LED
  • ultraviolet
  • fluorescent

What size beam is the best for a laser level?

  • small
  • medium
  • large

What was a limitation of the first laser levels?

  • They were very large and heavy.
  • They were limited to indoor use.
  • They could get very hot and cause burns.

What color beams do laser levels emit?

  • red or purple
  • red or blue
  • red or green

How are laser levels powered?

  • with a battery
  • using wall power
  • by charging on a special charger

What precautions do you need to take when using laser levels?

  • Ensure the laser beam doesn't make contact with electrical appliances.
  • Wear insulated gloves.
  • Wear safety goggles.

What does the term "level" refer to in builders' language?

  • a straight vertical line
  • a straight horizontal line
  • the intersection of two lines at a right angle

How do manual laser levels ensure that the level is straight?

  • using a bubble
  • using a ruler
  • using a gravity censor

When are self-leveling units useful?

  • if the surface is very uneven
  • if the surface is close to being level
  • if the surface is on a slope

What were laser levels originally used for?

  • cardiac monitoring
  • cutting wood
  • painting road lines

Which is the simplest type of laser level?

  • a line laser
  • a point generator
  • a dot laser

How does a line level allow for easier use outdoors or in bright spaces?

  • It uses point projection.
  • It has rotary lasers.
  • It has a pulsing light technology.

What additional technology do some laser levels come with these days?

  • Bluetooth
  • Internet
  • GPS