The Ultimate Lassen Volcanic National Park Quiz
by Staff
At Lassen Volcanic Park, you can be inspired both by its natural beauty and by the contrast of what can happen when nature goes wild. Although the last volcanic eruption was in 1921, you can still see the picturesque cinder cones, chaotic rock formations, boiling hot springs, and spiraling mists of sulfuric gases emitted from deep within the earth. You can also fish in beautiful lakes, enjoy boating or simply relax in the great outdoors. Take this quiz to learn more about Lassen Volcanic National Park.

In what state is Lassen Volcanic National Park located?

  • Arizona
  • California
  • New Mexico

How do you make your way to the park?

  • via air taxi
  • automobile
  • ferryboat

Where can you find accommodations in the park?

  • a guest ranch
  • campgrounds
  • both of the above

What is a main attraction of the park, besides a beautiful landscape?

  • hot bubbling mud pots
  • breathtaking geysers
  • gigantic limestone formations

How big is Lassen Volcanic National Park?

  • 106,372 acres
  • 131,889 acres
  • 166,451acres

In what year did Lassen Peak begin its most recent eruptions?

  • 1902
  • 1914
  • 1926

How many eruptions did Lassen Peak emit before it finally stopped?

  • 75
  • 120
  • 150

What is the elevation of Lassen Peak?

  • 9,758 feet
  • 10,457 feet
  • 12,224 feet

What is the name of the mountain range of which Lassen Peak is a part?

  • Cascade Mountain Range
  • Rocky Mountain Range
  • California Coast Range

What is the name of a large area where steamy vapors of sulfur float up from underground?

  • Chaos Crags
  • Chaos Jumbles
  • Bumpass Hell

What are the golden flakes that float on the surface of bubbling hot springs?

  • gold
  • iron pyrite
  • copper sulfate

What is a favorite activity in the park?

  • snowshoeing and cross-country skiing
  • downhill skiing and snowboarding
  • hot springs bathing and steam baths

By what other term is Lassen Peak popularly referred to?

  • lunar landscape
  • hells half acre
  • vertical desert

What is the name of the large area in the park that is still dotted with scorched trees?

  • Atomic Explosion Circle
  • Devastated Area
  • Devils Ridge

What is the name of the park's almost cylindrical mountain, created from lava and ash in the form of multicolored cinders?

  • Cinder Cone
  • Candy Stick
  • Sulfur Mountain

When was the crater at the top of Cinder Cone created by the volcano?

  • 1914
  • 1880
  • 1851

What is the name of the lake formed by a dramatic and sudden collapse of a volcanic dome?

  • Juniper Lake
  • Manzanita Lake
  • Summit Lake

Until what year did Lassen Peak hold the record as the last volcano to erupt in the lower 48 states?

  • until 1975
  • until 1980
  • until 1985

How high did the ash and gas rise in the air from the explosive eruption of Lassen Peak in 1915?

  • 42,000 feet
  • 36,000 feet
  • 30,000 feet

What is the name of a popular hiking trail that stretches for more than 2,500 miles and passes through the park's backcountry?

  • Pacific Crest Trail
  • Cascade Range Trail
  • Spring Water Corridor Trail