The Ultimate Laundry Rooms You Desire Quiz
by Staff
Doing laundry may not usually be what you think about when considering how to have a good time. But if your laundry room is a pleasant place to be, doing laundry may be less tedious. Take this quiz and see how desirable a laundry room can be.

What can make doing laundry a little less tedious?

  • Pay someone else to do it.
  • Make the laundry room a nice place to be.
  • Take a course in positive thinking.

What do the best laundry rooms boast?

  • creativity
  • functionality
  • fashion

If you make it a pleasant place to work, what could be the result?

  • You would not avoid going there.
  • Other members of the family would take it over for their purposes.
  • You would spend all your time there.

How would you make the laundry room more pleasant?

  • halogen lighting
  • modern abstract art
  • wallpaper and curtains

What about the washer and dryer?

  • After functionality and energy-efficiency, check their appearance.
  • Choose only machines that match your décor.
  • Paint or decorate the machines to match your current décor.

What is it about a laundry room that could make it an impressive place?

  • well lit with plenty of windows
  • personality and style
  • plenty of room and bright colors

Just how important is functionality if you want a pleasant and attractive laundry room?

  • It's more important to have a nice place.
  • It all depends on how you relate to doing laundry.
  • It must be functional above all.

Assuming you have a choice, where is it better to locate a laundry room?

  • a place well lit by natural light
  • windowless basement
  • close to the back yard

Would you place a TV and a sofa in your laundry room if you had the room?

  • It would be a distraction; not a good idea.
  • You can watch TV while folding.
  • The moisture generated by washers and dryers would damage the TV.

What could be a problem watching a little TV in your laundry room?

  • Watching "soaps" in a laundry room sounds ridiculous.
  • You would never do laundry because of all the distractions
  • The hum of the dryer could lull you into napping.