The Ultimate Easy Laundry Tricks Quiz
by Staff
To keep your washable fabrics looking their best, learn how to whiten clothes using lemons and other easy tricks. These laundry tricks may save your washables. Take this quiz to see how.

If a red sock gets added to your load of whites and tinges everything pink, is all lost?

  • A laundry trick might remove the pink.
  • Replace all the ruined clothing.
  • Take the clothing to a professional cleaner.

If your whites are now pink, when should you treat the load of clothes to remove the pink tinge?

  • before drying
  • after drying
  • both answers

What classroom item may absorb moisture from shoes?

  • eraser
  • chalk
  • markers

What daily read item may absorb moisture from shoes?

  • newspaper
  • library book
  • mail

What will remove the odor of tobacco smoke from most fabrics?

  • washing
  • airing
  • drying

How can you remove tobacco odor from woolens?

  • steam from water and vinegar
  • steam from water and salt
  • steam from water and baking soda

How can you repair an unwanted shiny seat from dark jeans?

  • spray with water
  • spray with vinegar
  • spray with fabric softener

If you leave a hot iron on your clothing just a moment too long, what may result?

  • ironed in wrinkles
  • scorch mark
  • fire

How can you remove a scorch mark from clothing?

  • Hang the item in direct sunlight.
  • Wash it in hot water.
  • Buy a new clothing item.

What do squeaky clean tennis shoes suggest?

  • new shoes
  • old shoes
  • washed shoes

What trick may help canvas tennis shoes look squeaky clean all the time?

  • Wash after wearing.
  • Spray with starch when new.
  • Spray with hairspray.

Why may the application of starch keep tennis shoes squeaky clean?

  • Dirt will not be ground into the fabric.
  • Dirt will adhere to the fabric.
  • neither answer

Which is an abrasive fabric?

  • silk
  • flannel
  • linen

Why is flannel difficult to remove stains from?

  • texture too soft
  • locks in stains
  • both answers

Why would you want to make your laundry detergent more powerful?

  • to clean really dirty items
  • to save money
  • to fit your new washing machine

How can you boost your laundry detergent?

  • with baking soda
  • with salt
  • with baking powder

What is an effective way to remove lint and pet hair from clothes?

  • a lint remover
  • scotch tape
  • masking tape

Why do some people prefer not to use bleach?

  • harsh chemicals
  • dangerous chemicals
  • both answers

What may you use to naturally bleach fabrics?

  • lemon juice
  • orange juice
  • ammonia

What may be an added bonus of using lemon juice to bleach fabrics?

  • lemon scent
  • save money
  • both answers