The Ultimate Lava Lamp Quiz
by Staff
One of the coolest accessories you're likely to find in every teenager's and college student's bedroom is the mesmerizing liquid motion lamp. Even 50 years after they were first invented, they are still a hugely popular item and you can purchase them in hundreds of different designs. Ever wondered how they work? Take our quiz to find out.

In what decade did liquid motion lamps first appear?

  • 1950s
  • 1960s
  • 1970s

How many components are there in a motion lamp?

  • three
  • four
  • six

For a motion lamp to work, the two compounds inside must be immiscible. What does this mean?

  • non-reactive
  • insoluble
  • inflammable

What is a classic example of an immiscible compound?

  • oil and water
  • glucose and water
  • petroleum and water

When a commercial motion lamp has its light turned off and is cold, what will you see in the lamp's globe?

  • two separate layers of liquid
  • a marbled mixture of liquid
  • numerous layers of liquid

To get the blobs in a motion lamp to float around, what kind of substances do you need?

  • substances that have differing densities
  • substances that have similar densities
  • substances that have identical densities

How do you decrease the density of a substance?

  • lower its temperature
  • raise its temperature
  • mix it with another liquid

What happens to water when it is heated?

  • It expands slightly.
  • It expands greatly.
  • It contracts.

When you turn on a motion lamp, what happens to the waxy, solid blob?

  • It hardens and drops to the bottom.
  • It turns into a liquid and floats to the bottom.
  • It turns into a liquid and rises to the top.

What does the waxy, solid blob in a motion lamp do when it reaches the top of the lamp?

  • It cools down slightly and sinks downward.
  • It cools down completely into a solid and drops to the bottom.
  • It remains in a liquid state and stays at the top.

Who invented the motion lamp?

  • Johnny Walker
  • Edward Craven Walker
  • Adolph Wertheimer

What is the best combination of compounds to use when making your own motion lamp?

  • oil for the blobs and a mixture of 70- and 90-percent rubbing alcohol for the liquid
  • oil for the blobs and a combination of water and 70-percent rubbing alcohol for the liquid
  • oil for the blob and a combination of water and 90-percent rubbing alcohol as the liquid

What wattage should the light bulb be in a home-made motion lamp?

  • not hotter than 40 watts
  • not hotter than 60 watts
  • not cooler than 40 watts

Why is it better to buy a commercial motion lamp than to make your own?

  • It's cheaper and safer.
  • You need secret ingredients.
  • Store-bought ones generally look better than home-made ones.

What did the lava motion lamp's inventor originally call the lamp?

  • Lava Lamp
  • Lava Lite Lamp
  • Astro Lamp