Lego Physics Quiz
by Staff
Some of the world's most innovative engineers credit Legos for sparking their interest in physics and experimentation. Lego blocks may remind you of childhood, but the lessons they teach can last a lifetime. Channel your inner Lego geek with this quiz.

Which Lego project would be best for demonstrating friction?

  • a car
  • a plane
  • a stationary building

After constructing a Lego bridge between two cardboard boxes, you test the weight limits by placing books on top of one spot. To your disappointment, the structure falls through with little weight. Which physics principle may contribute to the bridge's instability?

  • torque
  • pressure
  • velocity

Which Lego creation would most likely help you grasp the idea of kinetics, or how objects move?

  • mini skyscraper
  • car and ramp
  • a pyramid of minifigures

Lego products frequent which group's physics class?

  • elementary schoolers
  • high schoolers
  • Both are correct.

Where does the Lego MINDSTORMS line of robotics products get its namesake?

  • a speech
  • a book
  • a young Lego user

Which physics-defying art piece can be replicated using Lego elements?

  • "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali
  • Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa"
  • "Relativity" by M.C. Escher

Which physics concept can be easily learned through using a Lego pulley wheel and pulley bands?

  • force
  • tension
  • Both are correct.

What is FIRST Lego League?

  • an informal club to trade Lego pieces
  • an organization to design Lego robots and compete against other teams
  • the first group of Lego builders -- ever

True or false: The Lego company works with teachers to develop some of its products.

  • true
  • false

Which Lego project succeeds in teaching kids about structural engineering?

  • a robot with sensors
  • Star Wars spaceships
  • a truss bridge

Your Lego robot has more mass than your friend's bot. Why does it take more force to move yours from a stationary position?

  • inertia
  • bad luck
  • torque

Which brand of Lego products help youngsters grasp physics concepts intuitively? (Hint: They're bigger.)

  • Scala
  • Mindstorms
  • Duplo

What do Lego ultrasonic sensors help measure?

  • simple harmonic motion
  • water displacement
  • the span of your lab partner's yawn

How well do you know your beloved blocks? What are the dimensions of a basic Lego brick?

  • 8 by 8 by 9 millimeters
  • 10 by 10 by 11 millimeters
  • 14 by 14 by 15 millimeters

Which Lego series includes a 32-bit microprocessor block that can be reprogrammed for each robot you dream up?

  • Lego's Star Wars set
  • Duplo
  • Mindstorms NXT

Based on its appearance, which Lego piece is more likely to bend with weight added to it?

  • window
  • plate
  • brick

Which Lego competition boasted a celestial impact on science and technology?

  • a lunar challenge
  • an underwater vessel challenge
  • a rocket challenge

How many Lego bricks would you need to build a column that reaches the moon?

  • 10 billion
  • 20 billion
  • 40 billion

What's torque, and how does it relate to Lego projects?

  • Torque affects how easily an object can be moved on an axis -- an important factor for Lego bots on a mission.
  • The word describes how liquids affect the physical properties of materials -- a concept that could put a damper on your Lego project.
  • Torque refers to a line of Lego robots programmed to make ice cream sundaes (Yum!).

Which of the following is NOT a Lego piece typically used in building sturdy structures?

  • beams
  • bricks
  • wheels