What's Your Lexus LF-LC IQ?
by Staff
With the LF-LC concept sport coupe, Lexus is out to prove it can make a premium sports car that looks good, sports the latest in technology and does a good turn for the environment. Take this quiz to test your LF-LC IQ!

The Lexus LF-LC uses what type of power plant?

  • Lexus Advanced Hybrid Drive
  • 2JZ Twin Turbo
  • TRD Turbodiesel

One obvious hallmark of the Lexus "L-finesse" design strategy on the Lexus LF-LC is the:

  • lima bean grill
  • spindle grill
  • gun-slit windows

Which of the following awards did the Lexus LF-LC win?

  • Eyes on the Road! Award for Distracting Automotive Gadgets
  • "People's Champion" Most Affordable Sport Coupe Award
  • Eyes on Design Award for Design Excellence

The LF-LC is based on which of the following natural objects:

  • a leaf
  • a volcano
  • a bigmouth bass

In coming up with the exterior looks for the LF-LC, Lexus decided to:

  • outsource the work completely to a maker of European supercars
  • do the work at its own design studio in Newport Beach, Calif.
  • use a computer to merge the body styles of the top-selling sports coupes from the last 30 years into one vehicle

The taillights of the LF-LC reportedly were inspired by:

  • a jet plane with its engines on afterburner
  • naturally occurring rings that radiate from the center of trees
  • M.C. Escher optical-illusion sketches

Daytime running lamps on the LF-LC are oriented to do this:

  • annoy SUV drivers with their upward-angled, high-intensity bulbs
  • form a stylized letter "L"
  • flash in a pattern similar to emergency vehicles, so that traffic makes way for you on the road

If a production variant of the LF-LC concept were to materialize, it would likely fill a market gap in the Lexus lineup beneath which Lexus model?

  • SC 400
  • RX300
  • LFA

Another name for the Lexus design studio in Newport Beach, Calif., is:

  • The Tucker Center
  • Shangri-La
  • Calty

Sport coupes such as the LF-LC are also known by this designation:

  • NAIB -- No Adults In Back
  • 2+2
  • The Bachelormobile

The LF-LC made its official public debut at:

  • the North American International Auto Show in Detroit
  • the Indianapolis 500 race
  • the halftime show of the 2012 Super Bowl

Many of the manual control switches found inside a typical car are replaced on the LF-LC with these:

  • touch-screen panels
  • sophisticated eye-tracking control cursors
  • retro-style tuning knobs

Exhaust gases on the LF-LC escape via what type of mechanism?

  • there is no exhaust, so there's nothing to escape
  • a quad exhaust routed out the rear of the car
  • the exhaust gasses drive a pair of powerful twin turbochargers

Which of the following is NOT a part of the Lexus LF-LC concept's exterior lighting package?

  • high-efficiency laser headlights
  • a dot matrix of LED fog lamps
  • rear fog lamps

Notably, the LF-LC began from:

  • a sketch submitted by an enthusiastic customer
  • the platform of a competing vehicle that Lexus has not named
  • a "clean sheet of paper"

This stands out as yet another of the LF-LC's signature design features:

  • a racing-style padded roll cage
  • extensive use of glass surrounding the cockpit, making for a uniquely panoramic view
  • Gesture Drive hands-free steering and throttle interface

Which of the following will you NOT find as part of the LF-LC's plush interior?

  • combination of leather, suede, brushed metal and polished wood surfaces
  • a mixture of digital and analog-style instruments and gauges
  • soothing, water-cushioned seats

Lexus refers to the sensibility evoked by the family grill on the front of the Lexus LF-LC as a:

  • "bad to the bone look"
  • "resolute look"
  • "'move sucka, get out the way' look"

Built items such as cars, furniture, even alien spacecraft, that use flowing, natural shapes instead of hard edges and straight lines are said to look:

  • cubist
  • organic
  • Bauhaus-ian

Lexus design engineers came up with a new "form language," or system of communicating with one another, just for the LF-LC project. What was it called?

  • opaque design nomenclature
  • functional form flow
  • fluid precision design