Lighting Quiz
by Staff
This lighting quiz will test your knowledge of lighting options and installation. Test yourself with the lighting quiz.

Ambient lighting ...

  • lights a relatively small area for a specific task.
  • directs attention or emphasizes an object.
  • illuminates an area and creates a comfortable brightness.
  • is used to set a mood or feeling.

Which is not a common use of accent lighting?

  • under cabinets
  • over a table
  • in bookshelves
  • on artwork

What's the most cost-effective way to improve the lighting in any room?

  • Install dimmers to switches and three-way light bulbs to lamps.
  • Install track lighting.
  • Add more table and floor lamps.
  • Install recessed lighting.

Which is not true of track lighting?

  • It's often used to illuminate a wall of pictures or artwork.
  • It's typically installed on living room walls.
  • Its flexibility makes it a popular lighting choice.
  • Individual lights can be moved around on a track system.

Which is not considered recessed lighting?

  • ceiling pocket lights
  • lights behind perimeter soffits
  • table and floor lamps
  • out-of-sight lights on top of kitchen cabinets and bookshelves

Which is not a typical use of pendant lights?

  • over coffee tables
  • over bathroom vanities
  • over kitchen islands
  • over dining tables

Chandeliers are now being used ...

  • over garden tubs.
  • over beds.
  • on sun and screened porches.
  • all of the above

Which is not true of ceiling fans?

  • They add a carefree, casual look to a room.
  • They're dated ... out of style ... old news.
  • They circulate the air on a hot, humid day.
  • They're typically used over beds, and on porches and higher ceilings.

Which is not true of wall sconces?

  • They can add a rich, sophisticated look to dining and bedroom walls.
  • They're often used to bookend larger furniture.
  • They should never be put on a dimmer.
  • They're well-suited for hallways, stairways and foyers.

Table and floor lamps should only be used in offices and living/family rooms.

  • TRUE