The Ultimate Linen Closet Designing Quiz
by Staff
Seeking a fresh towel, you open the door of your linen closet and are met with an avalanche of cotton. You realize it's time to improve the design of this important storage space. Challenge your linen closet organization skills with this quiz.

What is a basic truth about most linen closets?

  • Linen closets are usually a disorganized mess.
  • Linen closets are not only used for linen.
  • Linen closets are a great place to hide clutter.

What is considered as one of the most valuable tools for organizing a linen closet?

  • vacuum storage bags
  • shelf dividers
  • a door rack

What is a good way to derive maximum benefit from a door rack installed in your linen closet?

  • Designate a specific role for each shelf on your door rack.
  • Space each of the shelves an equal distance from its neighbors.
  • Before moving items to the door shelf take an inventory and discard unused items.

What is a typical disadvantage of a door rack installed in your linen closet?

  • You cannot put heavy items on the shelves without causing the door to stick.
  • Larger bottles of cleaning products typically will not quite fit in the shelves.
  • Smaller items often fall through the gaps in the shelves.

What is major benefit of organizing items by category in a door rack?

  • quickly locating a needed item
  • inventory control
  • less clutter

What bad habit does a linen closet reinforce when it has the shelves spaced too far apart?

  • disorganization
  • collecting clutter
  • stacking items

What is the best depth measurement for the shelves In a linen closet?

  • 12 inches
  • 16 inches
  • 18 inches

What is another advantage of having 12-inch deep shelves in your linen closet?

  • You can reach all the way to the back of 12-inch shelves without stretching.
  • You can see items at the back of the higher shelves without a step stool.
  • You will have room for other storage ideas in your linen closet.

What is a good rule of thumb for setting up linen closet shelving?

  • Space shelves at an equal distance.
  • Divide shelves and conquer clutter.
  • Store chemicals on the high shelves.

In what location do experts consider the proper place to store a vacuum and accessories in your home?

  • a coat closet
  • garage or basement
  • anywhere