The Ultimate Lion Quiz
by Staff
Why is the lion known as the king of beasts? How big are they and what do they eat to stay that way? Can you really hear a lion's roar miles away? Take this quiz and learn a lion's share of answers.

Lions of which continent were once abundant and are now dwindling in numbers?

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • South America

Why do lions often live in grassland areas?

  • because game is plentiful there
  • because it's cooler there
  • because the grass colors camouflage them

How do Indian and African lions differ in appearance?

  • The Indian lions have bushier manes and longer whiskers.
  • The African lions have longer snouts.
  • The Indian lions are smaller, with smaller manes.

What is the average lifespan of a lion in the wild?

  • 10-15 years
  • 15-20 years
  • 20-30 years

How are lions and domestic cats similar in the way they walk?

  • They both walk on their toes, not on their soles.
  • They both swish their tails as they walk.
  • They're not similar in this respect at all -- it's a myth.

Which other wild cat has a mane, aside from the lion?

  • the jaguar
  • none besides the lion
  • the mountain lion

What is the name for the social group that lions live with?

  • the pack
  • the herd
  • the pride

How do lions mark their territorial region?

  • by urinating on bushes and trees along the boundary
  • by staying in a position and roaring when another animal approaches
  • by dragging bits of straw and grasses to chosen places along the boundary and placing them there

What factor determines the territory that a pride chooses?

  • distance from human contact
  • availability of prey and water
  • proximity to other prides

Which lions are responsible for defense and hunting?

  • The lionesses are in charge of defense, while the male lions are in charge of hunting.
  • The male lions are in charge of both defense and hunting, while the lionesses are in charge of rearing the cubs.
  • The male lions are in charge of defense, while the lionesses are in charge of hunting.

What do lions prey?

  • other lions
  • zebra and buffalo
  • small gazelles and impala

When do lions usually hunt?

  • at night
  • during the day
  • during both night and day

Why do lions swallow huge meat chunks whole without chewing?

  • because it is easier for them to digest the food
  • because their teeth are designed for tearing, not chewing
  • because they have to eat as quickly as possible lest another predator interfere

When cubs are born, they are often:

  • able to be independent
  • spotted or striped
  • rejected by their parents

What do lionesses do with their cubs at about six weeks of age?

  • They wean them completely.
  • They teach them to hunt.
  • They lead them to a fresh kill to get their first taste of meat.

Do cubs merely play for fun?

  • No, they also learn hunting and defense skills through play.
  • Yes, and they love it!
  • No, they also play out of boredom to fill their day.

Do lions stay with their pride all their lives?

  • Males do but females move on eventually.
  • Females do, males don't.
  • Yes, they're with the same pride for life.

What did the lion's body symbolize in ancient Egypt?

  • honor and nobility
  • truth and justice
  • power, virtue and wisdom

Symbolizing courage, the image of the lion is used in heraldry. What country has had this symbol for centuries?

  • Japan
  • England
  • Turkey

Which ancient structure has the lion as its inspiration?

  • the Great Pyramid
  • the Sphinx
  • the Taj Mahal