The 'Little House on the Prairie' Quiz
by Staff
The "Little House on the Prairie" book series and the TV show, based on the life of Laura Ingalls Wilder, are classics in their respective genres. Test your knowledge of the books, the show -- and the differences between them.

Who were Laura Ingalls' parents?

  • Frederick and Loretta
  • Lawrence and Mary Grace
  • Charles and Caroline

Which Ingalls TV sibling is entirely fictional?

  • Mary
  • Carrie
  • Albert
  • Grace

Who is the book "Farmer Boy" about?

  • Charles Ingalls
  • Almanzo Wilder
  • Cap Gardner

Who was "the wildcat from Tennessee?"

  • Willie Oleson
  • Mr. Edwards
  • Albert Ingalls

On the TV show, Mary marries Adam. Who did she marry in real life?

  • Roy Brown
  • Marshall McGrew
  • no one

What's the name of the Ingalls family dog, both in the books and on TV?

  • Jack
  • Rover
  • Brutus

Which of the following characters on the TV show is based on a real person?

  • Dr. Baker
  • Nellie Oleson
  • Adam Kendall

Which of the following TV characters is NOT based on a real person?

  • Miss Beadle
  • Rev. Alden
  • Percival Dalton

When did the "Little House" TV show premiere?

  • 1972
  • 1974
  • 1976

For how many seasons did the show run?

  • five
  • eight
  • nine

In the first book of the series, "Little House in the Big Woods," where did the Ingallses live?

  • Wisconsin
  • Minnesota
  • North Dakota

In "Little House on the Prairie," the family packs up their covered wagon and move far away. Where do they go?

  • Missouri
  • Kansas
  • Minnesota

In the "Little House on the Prairie" book, the family gets seriously ill with "fever 'n' ague," better known today as ___________.

  • malaria
  • cholera
  • smallpox

The TV show depicts life in Walnut Grove, Minn. In which of the books do the Ingallses live in Walnut Grove?

  • "Little House in the Big Woods"
  • "Little Town on the Prairie"
  • "On the Banks of Plum Creek"

Who is Laura's teacher in Walnut Grove?

  • Eva Beadle
  • Eliza Jane Wilder
  • Sarah Hansen

Which illness overcomes the family while they're living on Plum Creek?

  • consumption
  • scarlet fever
  • typhus

Did Mary go blind in real life?

  • yes
  • no
  • briefly

Why did Mary lose her sight?

  • a fall down a flight of stairs
  • viral meningoencephalitis
  • scarlet fever

To where does the Ingalls family move in "By the Shores of Silver Lake?"

  • a railroad camp in the Dakota Territory
  • Minneapolis
  • a shanty town in Iowa

How do Laura and Mary get to the Dakota Territory?

  • in Mr. Edwards' wagon
  • on the train
  • on foot

In "The Long Winter," why do the Ingallses have Christmas dinner in May?

  • Pa was gone over the winter.
  • The town had been snowed in.
  • They didn't have enough money in December.

What was Laura's first real-life job?

  • seamstress
  • teacher
  • nanny

What's the town in "Little Town on the Prairie?"

  • Walnut Grove, Minnesota
  • De Smet, South Dakota
  • Vinton, Iowa

In the same book, what destroys Pa's crops?

  • locusts
  • a tornado
  • blackbirds

Who is Laura's teacher in De Smet?

  • Eliza Jane Wilder
  • Beatrice LaGrange
  • Anne Evans

What grade did Laura teach in her first teaching job?

  • kindergarten
  • third grade
  • every grade

In "These Happy Golden Years," what does Laura agree to do for the first four years of her marriage to Almanzo?

  • not see her family
  • live on a farm
  • live in Minneapolis

Where did Laura and Almanzo end up settling?

  • Missouri
  • Kansas
  • Iowa

How many children did they have?

  • two
  • four
  • six

Complications from this illness killed all four Ingalls sisters.

  • pneumonia
  • the plague
  • diabetes