The Ultimate Locker Organization Quiz
by Staff
Messy lockers are a fact of life. You are required to keep your whole world in your locker, from your coat to your calculator. You don't need to make piece with clutter. Take this quiz and learn some simple ways to increase your locker organization.

What type of extra shelf should you install in your locker?

  • a strong and sturdy shelf
  • a plastic, pliable shelf
  • either of the above

What type of tool can help decrease locker clutter?

  • magnets
  • dividers
  • hooks

How can you keep your books and binders organized for each class?

  • use a colored coding system
  • use only one binder for all your classes
  • either of the above

You should organize your books in your locker according to:

  • size
  • importance
  • schedule

To help with binder organization, invest in:

  • sheet protectors
  • binder dividers
  • both of the above

What should you keep in your locker in case of emergency?

  • money
  • phone numbers
  • a first aid kit

How can you personalize your locker?

  • Paint the inside of your locker with removable paint.
  • Hang up a magnetic picture frame on your locker door.
  • both of the above

What items should you keep at home and not in your locker?

  • expensive items
  • treasured items
  • both of the above

What is a good way to keep track of dates and assignments in your locker?

  • a magnetic dry erase board
  • sticky notes
  • both of the above

How can you avoid getting textbooks and workbooks mixed up in your locker?

  • develop a labeling system, similar to a library
  • put an elastic band around your textbook and workbook for each class
  • either of the above