Quiz: How much do you know about log cabin kits?
by Staff
There may be no more iconically American home than the log cabin. However, they're not just for frontiersmen of the past. Many people today build log cabins, and the added convenience of log cabin construction kits has opened this type of building to more people. Take this quiz to see if you're ready to build your own log cabin home.

How large are today's log cabins?

  • around 1,000 square feet (92.9 square meters)
  • about 2,500 square feet (232.3 square meters)
  • up to 5,000 square feet (464.5 square meters)

Which of the following is a characteristic of modern log cabin kits?

  • The logs are often artificial wood.
  • The logs are often pre-connected into walls.
  • The kits include everything you need for the home except the wooden logs.

What are Lincoln Logs?

  • a children's toy
  • a specific style of log
  • a nickname for log cabins

In addition to the cost of the house itself, what other financial issues might affect the type of log cabin you decide to build?

  • utility bills
  • the cost of building permits
  • how much you paid for the property

What is the best method for joining structural logs in a log cabin?

  • notching them to fit together
  • metal bracketing
  • wood glue

What shape is the notch in a Scandinavian chinkless log cabin?

  • rounded
  • V-shaped
  • rectangular

What potential problems come with the Canadian chinkless log cabin's V-shaped notches?

  • They are more likely to split.
  • They tend to rot more easily.
  • They don't fit together tightly.

What would you find in the walls of a log cabin using the chinked method of construction?

  • logs split into semicircular halves
  • posts that join one log to the one beneath it
  • non-wood filler in the space between the logs

Where in a log cabin would you find a saddle notch, dovetail or butt-and-pass?

  • at the corners
  • on the roof
  • around the windows

Why does a two-story log cabin usually cost less than a one-story log cabin of the same square footage?

  • because it requires less roofing material
  • because it requires less insulation material
  • because property taxes will be lower

How environmentally friendly are log cabins?

  • very
  • moderately
  • poorly

Why are log cabins useful for small or oddly shaped lots?

  • They are customizable.
  • They look smaller than they are.
  • They may be built taller than other houses can.

How inexpensive can a log cabin be to build?

  • 7500
  • 25000
  • 65000

Which of the following is true regarding a machine peeling bark off logs for a log cabin?

  • better fit but more likely to rot
  • sturdier but more expensive
  • more attractive but less fire-resistant

Which option is a nice compromise between building a log cabin from scratch and building one using a full kit?

  • a walls-only system
  • a roof-only system
  • Hire someone to put together your log cabin kit.