Should you lower or lift it?
by Staff
If you like to clown and dump your ride, you may prefer lowering your vehicle and showing off its hydraulics. If you like it locked up, you may lean toward lifting it high. Aside from the lowrider slang, what else is there to know about lowered and lifted cars?

Which of the following are tweaked for use as spacers and blocks?

  • hockey pucks
  • wood pieces
  • skate wheels
  • all of the above

Drivers in snowy climates can do which of these modifications?

  • lift the body
  • lower the body
  • install hydraulics
  • all of the above

Camber problems affect the following:

  • wheel alignment
  • tire wear
  • handling
  • all of the above

The expression "it's riding on rails" refers to which of these qualities?

  • thin tires
  • modified metal struts
  • superior handling
  • creaky frame

A solenoid might be found where?

  • in a starter system
  • in a solar car
  • in an air-ride setup
  • all of the above

Lifting or lowering a car or truck should always involve doing this:

  • adding bigger tires
  • changing to thinner tires
  • leaving the tires as is
  • none of the above

Does lowering a vehicle lift your profile with law enforcement officers?

  • maybe
  • no
  • yes
  • if speeding

When is lifting a drag?

  • most of the time
  • when air flow beneath car increases
  • when the front end is lifted
  • all of the above

Which of the following is NOT a popular car to lower?

  • Impala
  • Monte Carlo
  • Yugo
  • none of the above

Using heat to shorten suspension springs has the following effect:

  • toughens the steel
  • tightens the coil
  • evens the anneal
  • none of the above

Where might you hear someone yell "nice airbags"?

  • at the car garage
  • in a new car showroom
  • at a car show
  • all of the above

Adding big tires is an easy way to lift a car or truck.

  • yes
  • no
  • yes and no
  • definitely not

How many batteries does it take to power an adjustable hydraulic lifting system?

  • 2
  • 12
  • 4
  • it varies

What does it mean to level a car?

  • flatten it to scrap
  • drop it real low
  • even the front and back ends
  • none of the above

Traditional lowriders are often detailed with which of the following?

  • candy-colored paint
  • religious symbols
  • pin-up style girls
  • all of the above

Is it OK to lift and lower a vehicle with hydraulics while driving?

  • OK to lift, but not lower
  • OK to lower, but not lift
  • OK to do both sometimes
  • Not OK to do either

What does a torsion bar do?

  • control steering
  • support the undercarriage
  • provide something to hold onto
  • act as springs to absorb force

What can you expect from online car forums?

  • lessons learned
  • tips and shortcuts
  • kindred spirits
  • all of the above