Amazing Animals: Lynx Quiz
by Staff
The lynx is a solitary animal and spends most of its time alone (except during breeding season). Medium-sized cats with long tufted ears and short bobbed tails, lynxes have the largest range of the entire cat family.

How many different species of lynx are there?

  • two
  • three
  • four

Which species of lynx is the most numerous?

  • Eurasian
  • Spanish
  • Canadian

Which species of lynx is the rarest?

  • Eurasian
  • Spanish
  • Canadian

What is the preferred food of the Canadian lynx?

  • mice and squirrels
  • snowshoe hares
  • deer

How do the ears of a lynx differ from those of a bobcat?

  • they're longer
  • they're smaller
  • they're lighter

Why do lynxes have such long tufts of fur on their ears?

  • for protection
  • for better hearing
  • for comfort

The fur of a lynx is:

  • striped or spotted
  • dark brown
  • long and thick

What's the population status of the Spanish lynx?

  • stable
  • threatened
  • critically endangered

How does the tail of a lynx differ from that of a bobcat?

  • it's longer
  • it's striped
  • it's black at the tip

How much does the average lynx weigh?

  • between 18 and 60 pounds (8 and 27 kilograms)
  • between 62 and 84 pounds (28 and 38 kilograms)
  • between 88 and 100 pounds (40 and 45 kilograms)