Tag Team: Jobs and Macs versus Gates and Windows PCs
by Staff
Are you a Microsoft devotee or an Apple fan? How much do you know about the two companies and their operating systems? Find out in our quiz!

Which company was founded first: Microsoft or Apple?

  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Both were founded in the same year.

Which founder famously dropped out of college to help start his respective company?

  • Steve Jobs
  • Bill Gates
  • Both Gates and Jobs dropped out of college.

Which computer operating system was announced first?

  • Windows
  • Macintosh
  • They came out the same year.

Before the Macintosh, Apple tried to develop another computer system with a graphical user interface (GUI). What was it called?

  • Sarah
  • Lisa
  • Bob

In 2012, Microsoft will release Windows 8. If we go by version numbers, which OS would be Windows 4.1?

  • Windows NT
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98

Apple likes to name versions of Mac OS X after big cats. Which cat was version 10.3?

  • Jaguar
  • Panther
  • Tiger

According to StatCounter, what percentage of computers in the consumer market are Macs?

  • 6.78 percent
  • 15.2 percent
  • 21.3 percent

Out of all the versions of Windows in use, two are the most common today. One is Windows 7 -- what's the other?

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

What was the name Bill Gates gave the prototype Macintosh Microsoft obtained before the official Macintosh launch?

  • SAND

After being away from the company for several years, Steve Jobs returned to Apple and gave a keynote address at which big event?

  • Consumer Electronics Show
  • Boston Macworld
  • Electronic Entertainment Expo

Apple and Microsoft licensed graphical user interface technology from which company?

  • Texas Instruments
  • IBM
  • Xerox

How much did a share of Microsoft stock go for in its initial public offering?

  • $21
  • $35
  • $40

How much money would you have had to cough up for a single share in Apple stock during its IPO in 1980?

  • $22
  • $28
  • $34

For a short time in 2011, Apple became the most valuable company in the world based on stock trading. Which company did it knock out of the number-one spot?

  • Microsoft
  • Exxon Mobil
  • PetroChina

Which technology leader topped the September 2011 Forbes list for richest people in America?

  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs
  • Larry Ellison

Apple is famous for delivering customer satisfaction. What was its American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score in 2011?

  • 79
  • 87
  • 93

Before Windows 7, what was Microsoft's ACSI score in regards to Windows?

  • 70
  • 76
  • 82

According to W3Counter, what percentage of people use some form of Internet Explorer as of September 2011?

  • 57.8 percent
  • 41.3 percent
  • 35.1 percent

Which of the following operating systems is the most expensive?

  • Mac OS X Lion
  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Ubuntu

Which computer model did Apple discontinue in the summer of 2011?

  • Macbook
  • Macbook Mini
  • iMac