What a Lovely Day: The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' Quiz
by Staff
In George Miller's 2015 "Mad Max" sequel, Max must escape a ghastly overlord named Immortan Joe. Test your knowledge of the post-apocalyptic badlands with this "Mad Max: Fury Road" quiz.

Charlize Theron plays one of Immortan Joe's lieutenants. What is her character's name?

  • Imperator Furiosa
  • Imperator Ignitatrix
  • Road Warrior Hawk

What is Max's last name?

  • Dundee
  • Carmichael
  • Rockatansky

What do the War Boys think will happen to them if they die in glorious battle?

  • They'll be released from the pain of their horrible world.
  • They'll ascend to heaven, an open road where they can drive forever.
  • They'll reach Valhalla where they'll live every day fighting glorious battles.

The Doof Warrior inspires his fellow War Boys in battle by playing what kind of musical instrument?

  • an electric guitar that shoots flames
  • a grand piano with a V-8 engine
  • a drum kit with five bass drums

What is the name of the clan Max and Furiosa seek help from at the end of their journey?

  • the Vuvalini
  • the Scorpion Clan
  • Clan MacLeod

Who says, "If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die historic on the fury road!"

  • Nux
  • Max
  • Rictus Erectus

Where did Furiosa come from?

  • She was one of Immortan Joe's slave wives.
  • She was part of the Vuvalini clan kidnapped by Joe's raiders.
  • She was a wanderer in the wastelands like Max.

Immortan Joe needs a certain apparatus to stay alive. What is it?

  • an electrical generator to keep his brain functioning
  • a respirator to help his damaged lungs
  • an external pump to keep his blood flowing

Imperator Furiosa has an obvious physical distinction that's never mentioned in the movie. What is it?

  • One eye is blue, and the other is brown.
  • She has metal spikes embedded in her forehead.
  • She has a prosthetic arm.

What do the War Boys do when they proclaim themselves, "shiny and chrome"?

  • spray their mouths with chrome paint
  • put on goggles with silver-coated lenses
  • inject a silver fluid into their veins

The War Boys keep Max alive because there's something special about him. What is it?

  • He's a universal donor — his blood can be transfused into anyone.
  • He has the location of a huge ammo storage facility implanted in his memories.
  • The tattoo on his back is a map to a water-rich oasis.

Why are so many of the War Boys weak and sickly without blood transfusions?

  • They lose a lot of their own blood in their nightly cage fights.
  • Their bodies are riddled with cancerous tumors.
  • Immortan Joe doesn’t feed them enough to keep them healthy.

Who are Larry and Barry?

  • Immortan Joe's sons
  • Nux's neck tumors
  • Furiosa's favorite guns

Immortan Joe exhorts the crowd to avoid becoming addicted to what?

  • water
  • jet fuel
  • opium

What is the name of Mad Max's V-8 Ford Falcon?

  • the Interceptor
  • Warhorse
  • Steel Tom

The Bullet Farmer drives a car called the Peacemaker, a Chrysler Valiant Charger mated to a …

  • Chevy pickup truck
  • turbojet engine from an F-16
  • tank

Why does Immortan Joe keep the five women that escape from him locked up?

  • They have secret knowledge that could undermine his authority.
  • Their radioactive blood could poison the water supply.
  • They're beautiful and unmarked by mutations or tumors, so he keeps them as wives to breed healthy children.

What do the Vuvalini bring with them wherever they go?

  • seeds
  • guns
  • books

Where is Furiosa supposed to be headed when she steals the War Rig and escapes with the wives?

  • the Bullet Farm
  • Gastown
  • the salt flats

What does Immortan Joe yell when something displeases him?

  • "lame!"
  • "insufficient!"
  • "mediocre!"

Who or what is Corpus Colossus?

  • one of Immortan Joe's sons
  • Nux's best friend
  • the vehicle driven by the mayor of Gastown

Why does Immortan Joe want to recover Angharad more than any of the other wives?

  • She insulted him by calling him a "schlanger."
  • Only she knows how to work the water pumps.
  • She's pregnant with his child.

What happens to Max when they return to the Citadel with Immortan Joe's corpse?

  • He is crowned the new lord of the Citadel.
  • He disappears anonymously into the crowd.
  • He is named an Imperator and pledges to serve Furiosa.

Which of the wives is killed when she falls from the War Rig?

  • Capable
  • The Dag
  • Angharad

What did Furiosa agree to trade to the motorcycle gang in return for safe passage through the canyon?

  • a tank of guzzoline
  • one of the wives
  • Max

What device does Immortan Joe make the wives wear while in captivity?

  • chastity belts
  • explosive collars
  • full suits of armor

Nux sacrifices his life to stop Immortan Joe by doing what?

  • throwing himself in front of Furiosa and taking a bullet that would have killed her
  • detonating a bomb while holding onto Joe
  • wrecking the truck he's in and blocking the canyon exit

What is the name of Immortan Joe's vehicle, built from two 1959 Cadillac Coup de Villes?

  • Pale Horse
  • Gigahorse
  • The Churchill

How is Furiosa injured?

  • She breathes in too much exhaust while trying to repair the War Rig's engine.
  • She's accidentally shot by Max during the battle in the canyon.
  • She's stabbed by a War Boy.

What does Furiosa drive into to escape Immortan Joe's pursuit?

  • a sandstorm
  • an underground tunnel
  • a swarm of locusts