Quiz: Do you Know how to Maintain a Central Air Conditioner?
by Staff
Learn how to make some repairs of your central air conditioner. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about how to repair central air conditioners.

Central air conditioners have how many components?

  • two
  • three
  • four

If your air conditioner unit works but the house is not cool, what may be the problem?

  • faulty distribution system
  • faulty power supply
  • compressor failure

Where is a central air conditioner's condenser unit located?

  • outside
  • mounted on a concrete slab
  • both answers

What may block air flow to the condenser unit?

  • grass
  • weeds
  • both answers

What material should you use to clean the condenser coil?

  • commercial coil cleanser
  • soap and water
  • bleach and mineral oil

If the condenser does not run, what should you do before calling for a professional?

  • Check for blown fuses or tripped circuits.
  • Lower the thermostat by five degrees.
  • both answers

What may cause inadequate cooling?

  • small air conditioner
  • dirty air filter
  • both of the above

What should you use to prevent fungus growth in your central air conditioner ?

  • bleach
  • ammonia
  • vinegar

What should you use to unclog the weep hole?

  • pencil
  • plumbing snake
  • thin wire

Why is it a bad idea to clean the condenser fins with a hose?

  • The water may turn the dirt into mud, which will be hard to clean.
  • The water will make the fins rust very quickly.
  • It's not a bad idea; use water.

How can you prevent ice damage to the condenser in very frigid weather?

  • Use a portable heater.
  • Cover it with a tarp.
  • It can't be damaged.

Who is qualified to recharge the air conditioner's coolant?

  • you
  • a professional
  • either of the above

What is the name of the coolant used in most air conditioners?

  • Freon
  • Freeze-Ease
  • Frigidaire

Why would you need a carpenter's level to maintain a central air conditioner?

  • to maintain a level concrete pad
  • to straighten ducts
  • to level the filter

How do you repair an unlevel concrete slab?

  • Prop it up with gravel or rocks.
  • Replace the slab.
  • Add more concrete.

What are the condenser fins made of?

  • lightweight aluminum
  • copper
  • stainless steel

What is the first step before starting any air conditioner maintenance project?

  • Turn off the power.
  • Lower the thermostat.
  • Raise the thermostat.

How often should air conditioners be professionally inspected?

  • monthly
  • annually
  • every two years

Why would a hand-held mirror be handy when maintaining your central air conditioner?

  • to check your makeup
  • to see behind you
  • to view hard-to-see spots

How often should the evaporator be cleaned?

  • every six months
  • annually
  • every two years