Makeup Essentials Quiz
by Staff
What are your makeup must-have items in your bag? Quiz yourself on some of the must-have items in your makeup bag to see where you stand.

What is the best way to keep your skin looking fresh and young forever?

  • Lotion
  • Sunscreen
  • A good foundation

What is the best way to cover blemishes and unwanted dark circles?

  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Eye shadow

What's a great way to blend concealor on the face?

  • A light layer of translucent powder over it
  • Thick bronser applied all over the face
  • Blush matched to your skin color on the balls of your cheeks

Translucent powder also helps:

  • Reduce shine
  • Smooth out borders between natural skin tone and areas with makeup
  • All of the above

What is an essential tool to make any eyes pop?

  • Mascara
  • Eye shadow
  • Eye liner

"Expert coordinated palettes" are a great way to choose the right eye shadow coloring for you.

  • TRUE

A good set of makeup brushes:

  • Can prevent breakouts
  • Helps prevent the spread of infection
  • Makes makeup last longer

What is a great natural way to lengthen your lashes?

  • Mascara
  • Eyelash curler
  • Both A&B

When it comes to blush, those with paler complexsions should choose:

  • Pink or coral hues
  • Shades of wine or burgundy
  • Dark browns

Lipstick is the perfect accent to any makeover.

  • TRUE