The Ultimate Making a Workbench Quiz
by Staff
If you love to use tools and build things, a workbench may be a perfect project for you. If you don't have the tools already, you probably will need them in the future when using your workbench. Take this quiz to see what you need to know about making a workbench.

How much does building a workbench cost?

  • inexpensive
  • expensive
  • very expensive

What should influence the size of the workbench?

  • size of workbench location
  • size of the user
  • both answers

Where did the Crescent wrench get its name?

  • crescent shape
  • Crescent Tool Company
  • crescent roll

How tall should you build the workbench?

  • waist-high
  • thigh-high
  • hip-high

What should you consider to determine the depth the workbench?

  • user's reach
  • user's height
  • user's weight

Where can you find a workbench plan?

  • Internet
  • hardware stores
  • both answers

Why are power tools convenient, but not essential?

  • You may complete the project using manual tools only.
  • Power tools may save time and physical effort.
  • Both answers are correct

Why may you want to use untreated lumber to build a workbench?

  • no chemicals
  • less expensive
  • both answers

What is a circular saw used for?

  • cut lumber
  • cut circles in wood
  • cut intricate shapes in wood

Which safety item may you want when working with wood?

  • safety goggles
  • mask
  • respirator

What other tool is used with a corner square?

  • clamps
  • screwdrivers
  • power drills

What determines the size of drill bit needed?

  • size of the bolt
  • one size only
  • size of the nail

When making a workbench, how do you know how many bolts and nails to buy?

  • estimate
  • listed in the plan
  • neither answer

What tool may makes sanding a breeze?

  • electric drill
  • belt sander
  • jigsaw

What is an advantage of building with treated wood?

  • lasts longer
  • no chemicals
  • less expensive