The Ultimate Man Cave Quiz
by Staff
Today's man caves are no longer furnished with a hand-me-down sofa, old TV or grungy fridge. Up-to-date man caves can include a large flat-screen TV, sectional sofa, drinking area and memorabilia collection. Take this quiz and be inspired for a modern man's cave.

Beer is a necessary supply for what table game?

  • beer-pong
  • ping-pong
  • pool

Wine enthusiasts may want a __________________ for their man cave.

  • refrigerator
  • wine cellar
  • champagne fountain

For a biker, where is the best location for his man cave?

  • basement
  • attic
  • garage

What is a great color scheme for a biker-themed man cave?

  • red, white and blue
  • orange and black
  • pink and green

If hunting is your passion, you may want a hunting lodge-inspired man cave. What type of animal would look good in this cave?

  • stuffed and mounted
  • fluffy kitty cat
  • toy poodle

What is a lowbrow décor choice for a hunting-lodge man cave?

  • a hunting lodge complete with a roaring fire place
  • camouflage décor with lots of beer in the cooler
  • a lush room with bearskin rugs and a fully stocked bar

What is the CineMassive OmegaPlex computer screen?

  • The CineMassive is an enormous computer screen.
  • A computer screen costing $13,000.
  • Both answers are correct.

Why is a man cave an obvious solution for a serious game player?

  • Serious gamers don't want to be interrupted by family members when playing a game.
  • The equipment takes up a lot of space.
  • Gamers need a dark room.

Can a home office be considered a man cave?

  • No, that is too boring.
  • No, there is no pool table.
  • Yes, anywhere men go to be alone can be considered a man cave.

Offices are sometimes dull and sterile. How can you make your home office a place you like to spend time in?

  • comfy chairs, relaxed lighting
  • memorabilia
  • both answers

NASA is installing a man cave in the International Space Station. What will be in this man cave?

  • Internet connection
  • Robonaut 2
  • both answers

What do sci-fi geeks like to have in their man caves?

  • collections and memorabilia
  • stuffed and mounted animals
  • microbeer tap

What type of accessories would be found in a tiki bar-themed man cave?

  • vintage surfboards
  • Star Trek posters
  • motorcycle gear

What is the best music choice for a tiki bar-themed man cave?

  • Jimmy Buffet
  • The Doors
  • ABBA

Where should women go to be alone?

  • Mom can have her own cave.
  • Women don't need time alone.
  • Women can be alone in the kitchen.

A home theater is a family-friendly man cave. What is a good refreshment machine to purchase for the home theater?

  • popcorn
  • daiquiri
  • ice cream

If your friends are not the most honest, what will you want in your Vegas style man cave?

  • hidden camera security system
  • marked cards
  • new friends

Why do casinos never have clocks on display?

  • To keep guests gambling.
  • To help guests forget about the time.
  • Both answers are correct.

Denny DeLuca's man cave has a special toilet seat on display. Where did the toilet seat come from?

  • Three Rivers Stadium
  • Yankee Stadium
  • Fenway Park

Can you mix sports when designing a sport-themed man cave?

  • One sport is best.
  • One team is best.
  • It is your cave, so do as you wish.