The 'Matrix' Trilogy Quiz
by Staff
The adventures of Neo take him in and out of reality and illusion. How much do know about "The Matrix" trilogy?

In what year did the first "Matrix" movie hit theaters?

  • 1999
  • 2001
  • 2002

Who wrote "The Matrix?"

  • Bill Pope
  • Joel Silver
  • The Wachowski Brothers

Why didn't the studio want the Wachowskis to direct the first "Matrix" movie?

  • They wanted too much money for the film's budget.
  • They had no experience.
  • They were rumored to be homosexuals.

"The Matrix" was originally supposed to be realized in which format?

  • TV series
  • comic book
  • novel

What is Thomas Anderson's occupation before his adventures begin?

  • Software programmer
  • IT help desk
  • Hardware designer

Which pill does Anderson take?

  • red pill
  • blue pill
  • green pill

In "The Matrix Reloaded," the Oracle tells Neo that to get to the Source of the Matrix, he must first find what?

  • Himself
  • Trinity
  • The Keymaker

Where was "The Matrix" filmed?

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Sydney, Australia
  • London, England

The Oracle gives what baked good to Neo?

  • bread
  • cinnamon roll
  • cookie

What was the budget for the first "Matrix" film?

  • about $30 million
  • about $60 million
  • about $80 million

What was the approximate budget for "The Matrix Reloaded"?

  • about $150 million
  • about $90 million
  • about $220 million

Seraph is the guardian of which character?

  • Keymaker
  • Oracle
  • Trinity

After "The Matrix Reloaded," was released, how long did it take for the studio to launch "The Matrix Revolutions?"

  • Three years
  • Two years
  • Six months

In "The Matrix Reloaded," the Merovingian is also known as what?

  • Seraph
  • The Frenchman
  • The Keymaker

Which actor turned down the part of Neo?

  • George Clooney
  • Brad Pitt
  • Will Smith

Who turned down the part of Morpheus?

  • Tom Hanks
  • Sean Connery
  • Bruce Willis

Why did Will Smith later say he turned down the role of Neo?

  • He wanted better roles.
  • He wasn't mature enough.
  • He thought the script was too weird.

Over how much time does the first "Matrix" film span?

  • a year and a half
  • four years
  • eight months

In Greek mythology, Morpheus is what kind of god?

  • the God of Illusions
  • the God of Dreams
  • the God of Reality

How many Oscar awards did "The Matrix" win?

  • one
  • four
  • six

Each scene that happens in the computer world is tinted which color by the filmmakers?

  • blue
  • violet
  • green

In one of the final fight scenes of the trilogy, the rain drops are also what?

  • electrical impulses
  • bullets
  • computer code

Why was Keanu Reeves in a neck brace while training for "The Matrix?"

  • He fell down a flight of stairs.
  • He had neck surgery.
  • He hurt himself during martial arts training.

Why did the directors want to shoot exterior scenes in Oakland, Calif., during the winter instead of summer?

  • Summer is just too hot in Southern California.
  • to make sure there was no plant life
  • to make sure there was cold air (so you'd see the actors' breaths)

How much money did the first scene of "The Matrix" cost?

  • $1 million.
  • $10 million.
  • $2 million

Why does Keanu Reeves thumb his nose before a fight scene with Morpheus?

  • to honor Bruce Lee
  • as a way of telling off people who didn't think he deserved the role
  • He was fighting a horrible cold.

How long did the primary actors have to train for fight scenes?

  • nearly a year
  • four months
  • 10 weeks

How many automobiles did the film crew wreck during shooting?

  • 30
  • 300
  • 80

How long did it take to film the highway chase scene in "The Matrix Reloaded?"

  • three hours
  • three weeks
  • three months

What percentage of the three-minute lobby gunfight in "The Matrix" was computer-generated, as opposed to real effects?

  • about 50%
  • about 80%
  • zero