The Ultimate Maximize Your Room Space Quiz
by Staff
While most people want a spacious home, not everyone can afford that space. But that doesn't mean that you have to suffer in cramped quarters. Take this quiz to see how much you've learned about how to make your room feel roomier than it actually is.

What type of color scheme can make a small room seem larger?

  • light colors
  • dark colors
  • alternating light and dark colors

What shades of colors should you use for accessories in your room if you want it to feel larger?

  • similar to the color of the walls
  • contrasting with the color of the walls
  • same as the walls

What type of wall hanging can make your room seem larger?

  • a single large picture
  • many small pictures
  • an intricately patterned tapestry

What type of wall covering best creates the illusion of space?

  • mirrors
  • wallpaper
  • glossy paint

How do accent pieces in a room affect the way the room feels?

  • Having many pieces makes the room feel smaller.
  • Using accent pieces of different colors makes the room feel larger.
  • Organizing them in sequence from smallest to largest makes the room feel smaller.

What should you keep in mind when decorating with patterns, if you want your room to seem larger?

  • using the same pattern for all pieces in the room
  • that plaids tend to make a room look smaller
  • using only horizontal striping

What is an example of an "open arrangement" of furniture?

  • keeping some seats against the wall and pulling them closer to a couch when entertaining
  • leaving half of your room empty of all furniture
  • making sure that no three pieces of furniture enclose an area by all facing into it

What type of furniture is especially useful for maximizing the space in your room?

  • expandable furniture
  • sectional furniture
  • light furniture

Tables made of what material add the illusion of size to a room?

  • glass
  • steel
  • wood

What design principle is universal in adding a spacious feel to a room?

  • balance
  • lightness
  • contrast