The Ultimate Meditation Quiz
by Staff
Breathe in, breath out, breathe in, breathe out. How much do you know about the benefits of mindful meditation?

Meditation is focused on training which part of a human being?

  • your mind
  • your body
  • your heart

What is a defining trait of Focused Attention meditation?

  • You give up on the idea of focusing your mind.
  • You learn to focus your mind on everything, and nothing, at once.
  • You focus your mind on one thing.

What is neuroplasticity?

  • The ability to change the brain's functionality and structure
  • Drug-assisted meditation
  • The science of creating plastic brains

OMM stands for what kind of meditation?

  • Open Mind Meditation
  • Oral Mentor Meditation
  • Open Monitoring Meditation

Some people say meditation can help you improve your "qi," which is what?

  • emotion
  • life force
  • health

Samatha meditation is designed to help you do what?

  • improve your body's health
  • tame your mind
  • find new insights

How can meditation change the brain's aging process?

  • It can slow it down.
  • It can speed it up.
  • It can completely stop brain aging.

What does the practitioner monitor during OMM meditation?

  • breathing
  • visual inputs
  • awareness

What is a mantra?

  • a vocalization with spiritual meaning
  • a super-positive phrase repeated endlessly
  • prayer beads used for meditation

How can meditation prevent you from becoming ill?

  • increases your blood flow
  • boosts your immune system
  • helps you visualize germs as your enemies

About how long must you practice meditation before your brain begins to change?

  • about eight weeks
  • about eight months
  • about a year

What is the point of nirvana?

  • total happiness
  • freedom from bonds
  • to rock out

A study by Wake Forest University showed that meditation's pain relieving properties were sometimes more effective than what?

  • Hydrocodone
  • Aspirin
  • Morphine

Ultimately, mindfulness is just what?

  • exercise for your mind
  • a path to religion
  • new Age hocus pocus

The brain's posterior cingulate is related to which functions?

  • self-control
  • self-relevance
  • self-awareness

Some experts say you should AVOID meditation at what part of the day?

  • at bedtime
  • when you first wake up
  • after lunch

What is MBSR?

  • meditation-biased soul reactivity
  • mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • meditation-based self realization

What is the brain's temporoparietal junction associated with?

  • mind wandering
  • cognition
  • empathy

A National Health Interview Survey found that Americans use mediation more than what other destressing technique?

  • massage therapy
  • yoga
  • chiropractic adjustment

In some rare situations, meditation can lead to what?

  • psychosis
  • cancer
  • circulatory problems

An altered state of consciousness is any brain state different than a normal waking state that features what kind of brain waves?

  • Beta waves
  • Gamma waves
  • Alpha waves

Meditation may increase what sort of oscillations in the brain?

  • Gamma wave oscillations
  • Delta wave oscillations
  • Alpha wave oscillations

One research team found that meditation increased gray matter in which part of the brain?

  • brain stem
  • frontal cortex
  • cerebellum

What typically happens to our frontal cortex as we age?

  • It shrinks.
  • It begins swelling.
  • It hurts.

In loving-kindness meditation, meditators start by developing compassion for what?

  • loved ones
  • enemies
  • themselves

In samadi, what happens to the mind?

  • It becomes one with the universe.
  • It becomes still.
  • It disappears.

Buddhism indicates that meditation can help the practitioner hone which two mental qualities?

  • happiness and love
  • contentment and focus
  • serenity and insight

How long does the Dalai Lama meditate each morning?

  • Four hours
  • 40 minutes
  • 90 minutes

Sahaja yoga meditation is also known as what?

  • chaos reduction meditation
  • emotional control meditation
  • mental silence meditation

Meditation increases telomerase, which is what?

  • an enzyme in your body
  • a type of cell protein
  • a subset of chromosomes