The 'Merrie Melodies' Quiz
by Staff
"Merrie Melodies" served as the world's first music videos and promoted both the songs and movies of the Warner Bros. studio. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of some of the earliest and most beloved cartoons!

Which came first, "Looney Tunes" or "Merrie Melodies"?

  • "Merrie Melodies"
  • "Looney Tunes"
  • They were created at the same time.

What year did "Merrie Melodies" premiere?

  • 1911
  • 1921
  • 1931

What Disney property inspired "Merrie Melodies"?

  • "Silly Symphonies"
  • "Tiny Tunes"
  • "Laughing Lyrics"

True or false: Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and other famous characters were created for "Merrie Melodies."

  • true
  • false

True or false: "Merrie Melodies" went color before "Looney Tunes."

  • true
  • false

What legendary producer launched both "Looney Tunes" and "Merry Melodies"?

  • Chuck Jones
  • Leon Schlesinger
  • Mel Blanc

What instrument was mentioned in the title of the first "Merrie Melodies" cartoon?

  • guitar
  • mandolin
  • harmonica

Who is the main character in "Lady, Play Your Mandolin!"?

  • mouse
  • deer
  • fox

True or false: Foxy's horse burns at the end of the cartoon.

  • true
  • false

What vessel does Foxy drive in the 1931 tale "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile"?

  • trolley
  • steamboat
  • carriage

What is the name of the pig that appears in several 1931 "Merrie Melodies" titles?

  • Porky
  • Piggy
  • Mickey

What was the name of Piggy's girlfriend?

  • Petunia
  • Rose
  • Fluffy

What jolly piano player appears in several 1932 "Merrie Melodies" titles?

  • Gyro Gearloose
  • Gooey Wheelhouse
  • Goopy Geer

What creatures check into the Honeymoon Hotel?

  • cats
  • bugs
  • fish

What type of animals do a vaudeville act in the episode "Shake Your Powder Puff"?

  • cats
  • dogs
  • rabbits

What kind of animal is Elmer, who is introduced in a 1935 episode?

  • human
  • rabbit
  • elephant

What other creature is also named Elmer in 1935 "Merrie Melodies" cartoons?

  • mouse
  • giraffe
  • bird

What genuine celebrity comes to town in 1936, much to the delight of a local bellhop?

  • Miss Yvonne
  • Miss Peach
  • Miss Glory

What little piggy stars in a 1937 episode of "Merrie Melodies"?

  • Piggy Hamhock
  • Porky Baconside
  • Porky Pig

Who was the first classic "Looney Tunes" character to appear in "Merrie Melodies"?

  • Elmer Fudd
  • Daffy Duck
  • Bugs Bunny

What was the name of the first recurring "Merrie Melodies" character?

  • Egbert
  • Eugene
  • Egghead

What year did Bugs Bunny first appear on "Merrie Melodies"?

  • 1939
  • 1944
  • 1949

What kind of animal is Sniffles?

  • mouse
  • rabbit
  • raccoon

Which classic "Looney Tunes" character meets Uncle Sam in a 1939 "Merrie Melodies" short?

  • Bugs Bunny
  • Sylvester the cat
  • Porky Pig

What is Elmer Fudd carrying into the woods on his first "Merrie Melodies" appearance?

  • camera
  • gun
  • picnic basket

What is the name of the turtle who often stars opposite Bugs Bunny on the show?

  • Charlie
  • Cecil
  • Stevie

What year does Sylvester the cat first appear on the show?

  • 1941
  • 1945
  • 1949

What does Yosemite Sam attempt during his first "Merrie Melodies" appearance?

  • rob a bank
  • win a race
  • rob a train

What kind of animal is Pepe Le Pew?

  • cat
  • skunk
  • racoon

How many "Merrie Melodies" episodes were created?

  • 300
  • 500
  • 800