The Ultimate Mesa Verde National Park Quiz
by Staff
Mesa Verde National Park in southwestern Colorado encompasses about 4,000 prehistoric sites of the Anasazi people. The area is also famed for its splendid natural landscape and other archeological treasures. Find out more about Mesa Verde by taking this quiz.

Which people once inhabited the Mesa Verde National Park area?

  • the Inca
  • the Anasazi
  • the Mayan

When is the Far View Visitor Center open?

  • between late January and late May
  • between early November and early February
  • between mid-April and mid-October

Aside from the Visitor Center, what other services are offered at Mesa Verde?

  • a museum, campground and park lodge
  • a water park, art gallery and antique exhibition
  • a nature workshop, art studio and expansive recreation area

What is the meaning of the Navajo name "Anasazi"?

  • civilized people
  • fire gods
  • ancient ones

Why are the cliff dwellings well preserved at Mesa Verde?

  • because of the dry climate
  • because of the cold climate
  • because of the forethought of the ancient inhabitants who preserved the ruins in a special way

What animals can you see in the high meadows?

  • rabbits, mule deer, turkey
  • red foxes, coyotes, lizards
  • all of the above

From studying the structure and state of the ruins, what do we know about the ancient inhabitants?

  • They were pagans.
  • They left suddenly.
  • They had no leader.

How did the natural alcoves for dwelling areas get formed in ancient times?

  • by flowing lava from volcanic eruptions
  • by water that percolated down through the sandstone
  • by huge crevices that were created during earthquakes

One novelist is reported to have experienced the Anasazi ruins as "more like sculpture than anything else." Who was the novelist?

  • Louisa May Alcott
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Willa Cather

What makes the cliff dwelling known as "Cliff Palace" unique?

  • It is the oldest one in North America.
  • It is the largest one in North America.
  • It is the highest one in North America.

Which of these lends itself to a self-guided tour?

  • Spruce Tree House
  • Cliff Palace
  • Balcony House

What did the Anasazi people harvest from the Gambel oak trees?

  • acorns
  • nuts
  • berries

What is the origin of the name "Spruce Tree House"?

  • Early pioneers used to marvel at the abundance of spruce trees there.
  • Early explorers climbed down a tall tree there, which they mistakenly thought was spruce.
  • Sir John Spruce used to live in the area and it was named after him.

What was the nature of Balcony House's natural defense?

  • It was hidden by thick foliage and was thus easily defended.
  • It was surrounded by a natural moat and was thus easily defended.
  • It was perched high up in a cliff alcove and was thus easily defended.

For how long has Mesa Verde been inhabited?

  • nearly 1,000 years
  • nearly 2,500 years
  • nearly 10,000 years

What did the early inhabitants of Mesa Verde engage in?

  • martial arts and sculpting
  • hunting and silk trading
  • farming and basket weaving

By the eighth century A.D., the inhabitants were building houses with poles and mud. What were their "apartment buildings" called?

  • pueblos
  • troglodytes
  • bungalows

Why did the mesa people move down into cliff recesses in 1200 A.D.?

  • They may have been threatened by tribes of newcomers.
  • They were escaping the heat.
  • They were looking for more fertile soil.

What were the kivas (underground chambers) used for?

  • to keep their valuables safe
  • food storage
  • religious ceremonies

What was the average lifespan of the cave dweller of Mesa Verde?

  • 35 years
  • 55 years
  • 75 years