Travel the World: The Middle East
by Staff
For this quiz, we've steered clear of any murky political situations and stayed focused on straight-up geographical facts. So try your luck and test your knowledge of these ancient lands.

United Arab Emirates?

  • passed a law that requires robot jockeys for camel races instead of humans
  • has the highest per capita income in the Middle East
  • ruled by a sultan and his cabinet, the "Diwans"


  • will soon be connected to the country of Qatar by the longest bridge in the world
  • the smallest country in the Middle East
  • started allowing women to vote in 2003

Tabriz, Iran?

  • site of the largest massacre in Asian history
  • hometown of Mir Hussein Moussavi, challenger for the presidency of Iran
  • home of the most holy Shiite temple


  • home of 86 of the world's 100 richest people
  • home of the world's tallest building
  • has the highest GDP per capita in the world

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

  • high mortality rate -- 27 people daily -- because of pollution
  • known as the financial capital of the Middle East
  • birthplace of Osama bin Laden


  • the world's largest Arabic-speaking country
  • has been under "emergency law" since 1962
  • exports surgical instruments, a staple of the economy

Gaza Strip?

  • has a steel-and-concrete border between itself and Egypt
  • the poorest area of the Middle East
  • has been under near-constant attack for 56 years

Hindu Kush?

  • a desert in Jordan where the Shroud of Turin was found in 1532
  • the most expensive restaurant in Abu Dhabi
  • mountain range on the Afghanistan/Pakistan border that is Osama bin Laden's rumored hideout


  • has been having a border dispute with Bahrain for 400 years
  • its government is constructing a new capital city in the middle of an uninhabited desert
  • its shoreline has more than 500 forts, castles and towers


  • means "garden" in Arabic
  • named one of the "top 10 liveliest cities in the world" in 2009 by Lonely Planet
  • site of the first skyscraper in the Middle East