Test Your Knowledge: Military Defeats Quiz
by Staff
Not everyone gets a hero's ending. How much do you know about the worst military defeats in history? Take this quiz to find out.

The Battle of Dien Bien Phu effectively forced which country to withdraw from Vietnam?

  • United States
  • USSR
  • France

At the 1914 Battle of Kolubara, how many Serbians did it take to defeat the Austria-Hungarian force of 450,000?

  • about 250,000
  • about 50,000
  • about 25,000

The army of the Mughal Empire lost the Battle of Plassey and allowed which country to invade India?

  • Russia
  • Britain
  • France

The Battle of Carrhae was a painful defeat for which army?

  • Persians
  • Ottomans
  • Romans

How did Caesar plan to avenge the Roman loss to the Parthians?

  • starving them to death
  • an all-out war
  • assassination of their leaders

Which army was humiliated at the Battles of Saratoga?

  • American
  • British
  • French

During World War I, how many British soldiers died on the first day of the Battle of Somme?

  • ,9000
  • 19,000
  • 800

How many artillery shells did the British launch at German trenches before advancing during the Battle of Somme?

  • about 400,000
  • about 4.5 million
  • about 1 million

Why were 15,000 Scottish soldiers defeated by only 3,000 English at the Battle of Solway Moss?

  • They were trapped by fire.
  • They got stuck in a bog.
  • They were horribly sick.

In what war was the Battle of Sterling Bridge?

  • Julian's Persian War
  • Norman Conquest of England
  • First War of Scottish Independence

Why did the English have reason to fear the Scottish after the disaster at Sterling Bridge?

  • It showed that the Scottish had better logistical operations.
  • The battle demonstrated that Scottish infantry could destroy the English cavalry.
  • It demonstrated that Scottish military leaders were better armed.

Compared to 11 Texians, the Mexican army lost how many men at the Battle of San Jacinto?

  • 85
  • 650
  • 300

At the Battle of San Jacinto, why did the Texians keep killing Mexicans in spite of orders to cease fire?

  • They couldn't hear over the gunfire.
  • They wanted revenge.
  • They considered Mexicans to be subhuman.

The Battle of Marathon featured Athenians versus what army?

  • Ottomans
  • Romans
  • Persians

At the Battle of Narva, with how many men did Russia attack a Swedish army numbering about 12,000?

  • 5,000
  • 35,000
  • 55,000

In 1504, the perhaps 80,000- strong Calicut army lost to a group of Portuguese men numbering what?

  • about 20,000
  • about 2,000
  • about 200

Why did the Calicut forces lose against such a small opposing army?

  • They had no weapons.
  • There were spies in their camp.
  • They were too sick to fight.

The Battle of Yellow Ford helped inflame a rebellion against which country?

  • England
  • Spain
  • Peru

So many men were slaughtered by the Bulgarians at the Battle of Achelous that Roman bones were supposedly seen in piles how many years later?

  • 15 years
  • 40 years
  • 75 years

In the 1920 Battle of Warsaw found Polish soldiers defeating a much larger army from which country?

  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Slovakia

What did Vladimir Lenin say about the Battle of Warsaw?

  • It was but a minor inconvenience.
  • It ruined his country.
  • It was an enormous defeat.

When did the Battle of Trenton occur?

  • 1671
  • 1776
  • 1881

Why did the Hessians lose the Battle of Trenton in spite of their superior numbers?

  • They were caught by surprise.
  • They were dying of cholera.
  • They had no boots.

American James Madison was nearly captured after a terrible defeat in which battle?

  • Ball's Battle
  • First Battle of Frenchtown
  • Battle of Bladensburg

What did the British do following the Battle of Bladensburg?

  • burned Washington
  • executed dozens of militiamen
  • hunted down American citizens

Which army suffered a humiliating defeat at the Battle of Longewala?

  • Pakistan
  • USSR
  • Syria

How many tanks did the Pakistanis have during the Battle of Longewala?

  • six
  • about 10
  • about 50

How many soldiers did the Indians lose at the Battle of Longewala?

  • about 80
  • about 110
  • two

How many carriers did Japan lose at the Battle of Midway?

  • four
  • six
  • seven

How did the Americans defeat the Japanese at Midway even though the latter had stronger forces?

  • Americans broke Japanese radio codes.
  • Americans had more powerful bombs.
  • Americans essentially flanked the Japanese fleet.