Clicking and Picking: The 'Minecraft' Quiz
by Staff
Punching trees is an easy way to begin, but to survive long term in 'Minecraft' you'll have to handle everything from starvation to skeletons to silverfish. Do you know your planks from your pistons and your ghasts from your golems?

First off, we're playing the PC/Mac version of "Minecraft." It's your first night in survival mode. Which of these combos is most crucial if you want to live until morning?

  • a sword and a hoe
  • light and shelter
  • food and shelter

It's nighttime and raining. You take a careful look outside and see something red flickering off in the distance. What is it?

  • an Enderman
  • a meteor
  • a volcano

Time to explore. Which of the following are examples of Overworld biomes in "Minecraft"?

  • taiga, extreme hills and mushroom island
  • forest, desert and plains
  • jungle, tundra and swampland
  • all of these

The most infamous monsters in "Minecraft" are creepers: green creatures that explode when they get too close to you. Are they boys or girls?

  • boys
  • girls
  • neither

Which of the following can you plant in your "Minecraft" garden?

  • dragon fruit
  • potatoes
  • corn

Which of these foods will fill you up the most in game?

  • a baked potato
  • a steak
  • an entire cake

You want to get your hands on some diamonds, so you decide to get into the mining part of "Minecraft." How far down will you need to go?

  • layer 20
  • layer 18
  • layer 15

Back in your base, you combine wood planks with a diamond you found to craft a jukebox. Cool! Now how do you get a collection of music discs to play in it?

  • Craft them with nether quartz and obsidian.
  • Coax skeletons into killing creepers.
  • Craft a music disc out of glass and black wool.

You decide to build some creeper traps to make this whole music disc thing easier … but creepers keep blowing you up while you work. What should you do?

  • Fortify your base with fences and torches. Maybe even a moat. Anything to keep creepers out.
  • Change the difficulty to peaceful while you work out the kinks.
  • Switch over to creative mode while you build and test.
  • Any of these.

Your creeper trap uses pistons to push blocks around, but you want them to pull the blocks back when you're done. How do you make your piston sticky?

  • with a slimeball
  • with a spiderweb
  • with sugar

Enough with the creepers. You decide to get a cat to help keep them away from your house. To do this, you'll need to tame an ocelot. But how?

  • Give it one raw fish.
  • Give it another raw fish.
  • Surely if you give it enough raw fish, it will eventually like you, right?

Besides cats and dogs, what else will help you defend your base?

  • villagers
  • zombie villagers
  • golems

You found horses! How do you tame a horse in "Minecraft"?

  • Feed it apples until it stops eating them.
  • Walk up to it and right-click on it with nothing in your hand.
  • Build a fence around it and hang out inside with it for a while.

You find a village full of villagers. Which one will sell you a nametag?

  • farmer
  • shepherd
  • librarian

Redstone circuitry is the "Minecraft" version of electrical engineering and can be used to build all kinds of amazing gadgetry. How far can redstone wire carry a signal before it needs a boost?

  • 15 blocks
  • 20 blocks
  • 25 blocks

Redstone is also an ingredient in some potions, and to make them you'll need a brewing stand. That requires a blaze rod. Where do you get one?

  • Mine lava with a diamond pickaxe.
  • Go to the Nether and fight blazes.
  • Explore abandoned mine shafts until you find one in a chest.

In the Nether, you may also find yourself fighting ghasts, which look like giant flying jellyfish and shoot fireballs at you. Where did their distinctive sound come from?

  • a baby
  • a startled rabbit
  • a cat

You want to visit the End and try to take out the Ender Dragon. How do you get there?

  • Make a portal out of obsidian.
  • Find a portal in a stronghold.
  • Find a portal in a Nether fortress.

You make it to the End. What unique headwear might help keep you safe out there?

  • a pumpkin
  • a black leather hat
  • a diamond helmet enchanted with Respiration III

Why don't you want to make eye contact with the Endermen?

  • They're shy.
  • They will attack you if you do.
  • They will teleport you out of the End.

What happens after you defeat the Ender Dragon and leave the End?

  • The credits roll and the game is over.
  • The credits roll and the game is not over.
  • Nothing.

Once you leave the End and get that sweet, sweet achievement called "The End." which achievements become available for you to work on?

  • The Beginning?
  • The Beginning!!!
  • Starting Over

How are you going to spawn that Wither?

  • with dead plants
  • with zombie meat
  • with skulls

What was Minecraft's big announcement in September 2014?

  • It was sending every player a cupcake shaped like Steve's head.
  • It was being bought by Microsoft.
  • It was crowdfunding a Creeper-head etching on a wall of the Grand Canyon.

What are some subjects taught using Minecraft?

  • science, coding and music
  • history, creative writing and citizenship
  • music, art and history
  • all of these

If you want to get in on the latest, still-in-the-works upgrades to Minecraft, what do you need?

  • snapshots
  • stickers
  • patches

"Minecraft" player theinternetftw became famous on the Internet for what achievement?

  • building a working 16-bit arithmetic logic unit (ALU) in "Minecraft"
  • building King's Landing from "Game of Thrones" in "Minecraft"
  • turning his backyard into a "Minecraft" replica

Who composed the "Minecraft" soundtrack?

  • C4
  • C418
  • CK1

What's Story Mode?

  • a mod that lets you add narration to your Minecraft world
  • an adventure game set in Minecraft from Telltale Games
  • an achievement you unlock by trading with librarians

Ssssssssssssss …