Minimalist Design Quiz
by Staff
Minimalist design challenges people who love clutter. Take this quiz to see how minimal your knowledge is about this stark design style.

Minimalism is most associated with what part of the world?

  • Far East
  • Near East
  • the West

When did the Minimalist movement first come about?

  • turn of the century
  • 1920s
  • post World War II

True or false: Minimalism can also to apply to car design, art and even literature.

  • TRUE

What motto best describes Minimalist design?

  • when in doubt, go pastel
  • less is more
  • more is more

Because of the empty spaces inherent in Minimalism, what element is essential?

  • lighting
  • furniture choice
  • color choice

What might a piece of art for a Minimalist living room might look like?

  • a lone cube on a stand
  • a canvas painting with just a single color
  • both of the above

True or false: A room with a single folding chair is a great example of well-executed minimalist design.

  • TRUE

What shape might the roof of a Minimalist home take?

  • steep
  • flat
  • gabled

What popular floor plan was influenced by the Minimalist design of the 1970s?

  • open floor plan
  • smaller, walled rooms
  • shotgun floor plan

What personal quality should a Minimalist homeowner possess?

  • organizational skills
  • patience
  • bad temper