Mnemonics Neatly Eliminate Man’s Only Nemesis — Insufficient Cerebral Storage: Mnemonics Quiz
by Staff
Trying to remember the correct order of the colors of the rainbow? Or which way to turn your clocks during Daylight Saving Time? Or anything, really? See how much you know about how mnemonics can help.

Why would you use mnemonics?

  • to improve your body language
  • to improve your memory and recall
  • to derive the literal meaning when the figurative meaning is different

What are math students trying to remember with the phrase "please excuse my dear Aunt Sally"?

  • finding area and circumference of a circle
  • how to do long division
  • order of arithmetic operations

How many types of mnemonics are there?

  • five
  • seven
  • nine

Which is NOT a type of mnemonic device?

  • image
  • music
  • numerical sequences
  • All of these are mnemonic devices.

Who is Roy G. Biv?

  • a mnemonic device-maker
  • an imaginary person
  • the father of mnemonics

What's it called when you use the first letter of each word to remember something, such as "RICE" for the instructions for treating a sprain?

  • acronym
  • form
  • value

What type of mnemonic device is "in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue," which can help you remember when Columbus sailed to America?

  • acronyms
  • imagery
  • rhyming

What will FANBOYS help you remember?

  • the bones of the neck
  • the conjunctions in the English language
  • the order of planets in our solar system

What is the method of loci?

  • a memorization technique that died out with the ancient Greeks
  • one of the newest memorization methods
  • one of the oldest memorization methods

What can HOMES help you remember?

  • taxonomic ranks in biology
  • the names of the Great Lakes
  • the order of taking the derivative of a quotient in calculus

Fill in the mnemonic: "I" before "e" except after ____.

  • c
  • d
  • g

What are you trying to recall with the phrase "monkeys dance very well"?

  • the properties of gases
  • the properties of matter
  • the properties of water

True or false: Short-term memory is limited to only about seven items.

  • true
  • false

Finish this advice: Righty tighty. ____ ____.

  • lefty loosey
  • loosey lefty
  • loosey goosey

Which mnemonic is used to remember the order of geological time periods?

  • Hello! Here lies Berylie Bill, caught napping on Friday night.
  • Cows often sit down carefully. Perhaps their joints creak? Persistent, early oiling might prevent painful rheumatism.
  • Olivia’s parrots actually bite, so pull finger — move quick!

What does the mnemonic "my very excited mother just served us nachos" help you remember?

  • order of cranial nerves
  • order of lunar moon phases
  • order of planets

Which of these mnemonics can help you remember the original 13 states?

  • James may declare the constitution of Louisiana civil.
  • My nice new car needs repainting. Maybe dark violet? No, shiny gold!
  • So my father ate grapes last Tuesday, very awesome tart Napas.

Rhythm helps your tiny hips move. And it's also a device that helps you remember what?

  • the characteristics of all living things
  • the elements of a plot
  • the spelling of rhythm

Complete this rhyming mnemonic, used to remember the number of days in each month: Thirty days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, excepting February alone, which has 28, that's fine ...

  • There are no additional lines.
  • till leap year comes and goes
  • till leap year gives it 29

What type of mnemonic device are acronyms and acrostics?

  • first-letter
  • literary
  • visual

Who does Pvt. Tim Hall represent?

  • conditional amino acids
  • essential amino acids
  • nonessential amino acids

Which of these can help you remember how to tie a bowline?

  • The fox comes out of his hole, runs ’round the tree and goes back into his hole.
  • The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  • The silly bunny has two ears and crossed eyes; he picks his nose and pulls his ears.

What are you trying to remember if you use the mnemonic device "when a joke made me a joker"?

  • names of U.S. presidents
  • names of U.S. first ladies
  • names of the rooms in the White House

Which phrase is used to remember the order of notes on the treble clef?

  • All cows eat grass.
  • Every good boy does fine.
  • forks and chopsticks everywhere

Can you complete this mnemonic device, used for Celsius temperatures by those who grew up with the Fahrenheit scale? 30 is hot; 20 is nice; 10 is cold; zero is …

  • fool's paradise
  • ice
  • no dice

Which is NOT a way to remember the cardinal directions?

  • Naughty elephants spray water.
  • Never eat shredded wheat.
  • Never eat soggy waffles.
  • All these are ways to remember cardinal directions.

Which mnemonic will help you remember guitar string names?

  • Easter bunny gets drunk at Easter.
  • Elvis' big Great Dane ate everything.
  • Every average dude gets better eventually.

If someone texts "143" to you, what do they mean?

  • I love you.
  • I'm running late.
  • pub?

Which is a good trick to remembering the order of streets in Manhattan, between Second Avenue and Fifth Avenue?

  • Three lost friends meet.
  • Three lost people meet.
  • Three lost souls meet.

Which will help you recall the proper ordering of the biological groupings (taxonomy)?

  • All cool men prefer having heavy sideburns.
  • Dumb kids playing cards on freeway get smashed.
  • Some grown-ups can’t see magic ponies, but children can.