The Ultimate Mobile Printing Quiz
by Staff
One of the problems with early mobile devices was the lack of printing ability. There are now many options available for mobile printing available on the market. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of mobile printing options.

What is one frustrating drawback associated with most hand-held devices?

  • relatively small screens
  • lack built-in print capabilities
  • tiny keyboards

What is one common convenience that most laptop users have in their offices?

  • They can print on a network printer when they plug in to the network at the office.
  • Many offices have a web based print server that they can remote IP into from any location.
  • Many offices have a wireless local area network to allow printing from anywhere in the office.

To what does the generic term mobile printing refer?

  • Mobile printing refers to products and services that let people print when away from their network printer.
  • Mobile printing refers to software that allows mobile devices to print.
  • Mobile printing refers to a portable printer that you carry with you.

What is 802.11 networking?

  • connecting via Bluetooth
  • connecting via infrared
  • connecting via Wi-Fi

How many components are required to make up a mobile printing setup?

  • four
  • three
  • two

What advantage in the area of printing does a laptop have over most mobile devices?

  • A laptops operating system is designed to support printing.
  • A laptop has ample memory to support complex print tasks.
  • both of the above

What do you most often require to support printing with a PDA or smart phone?

  • additional memory modules
  • additional print software
  • an expensive OS upgrade

What features does mobile print software have to incorporate to work on mobile devices?

  • Software must process and format documents as well as contain device drivers to control a range of printers.
  • Software must be capable of converting mobile documents to MS Office compatible documents.
  • Software must contain a mini user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI).

What is PrintBoy software good for that other mobile print software does not support?

  • Only wireless print software is available for Palm, PocketPC, Symbian UIQ and Series 60 PDAs and smart phones.
  • Only wireless print software is available for Windows mobile devices.
  • Only wireless print software is available for Windows based netbook computers.

What mobile printing does PrintPocket CE software support?

  • It is a wireless printing solution for all smart phones.
  • It is a wireless printing solution for Windows Mobile 5 based units to print Word documents.
  • It is a wireless printing solution for Windows Mobile to print Word documents except on WM5 and WM6 systems.

What is a common handicap to printing from most handheld devices?

  • The printed job does not always look like a normal word processor document.
  • Printouts often look like a basic screen dump.
  • There are often a few missing letters on documents printed on mobile devices.

What is another problem with printing from most mobile devices?

  • Mobile devices often crash during a print job often causing loss of the document.
  • Mobile devices often loose network connectivity during the print process causing print job restarts.
  • Mobile devices take a long time to print a document and cause conflicts with other functions during that time.

What is PrintAnywhere service?

  • This program emails documents to a service that formats them into a fax that it then sends to any fax machine.
  • This program emails documents to a service that formats them and sends them to your network printer.
  • This program receives a document over Wi-Fi, formats it nicely and passes it to your designated printer.

What can be a great option for frequent travelers that need to print often?

  • Forget the handheld for document processing and do your work on a laptop or net book.
  • Consider investing in a portable or handheld printer.
  • Try EZ-sync software that allows you to transfer documents you want to print onto a colleague’s laptop or PC.

Newer mobile devices can:

  • print to most wireless printers without additional software
  • reformat documents to look exactly like Microsoft Word documents before printing
  • detect a wireless printer in the same way they detect a Wi-Fi signal or Bluetooth device