Battles Within Borders: The Modern Civil Wars Quiz
by Staff
For a lot of Westerners, civil war is a thing of sepia-toned documentaries. But there are many ongoing conflicts in the world. Test your knowledge of a few of them here — and maybe learn a little about the story behind the headlines.

Some modern civil wars have been going for years. Name one ongoing civil war from the middle of the 20th century.

  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Falklands war
  • the Vietnam war

South Sudan's civil war is being fought by what ethnic groups?

  • the Dinka and the Tutsi
  • the Dinka and the Nuer
  • the Nuer and the Hutu

What caused the political upheaval and war in South Sudan?

  • food shortage
  • The president of Sudan fired his vice president.
  • religious riots

Since 2013, how many people are estimated to have been killed in the civil war?

  • 10,000
  • 1,000
  • over 50,000

What is another adverse effect of the violence in South Sudan?

  • The land has been burned and destroyed.
  • Farmers cannot plant crops.
  • a low birth rate

In July 2014, the United Nations warned that the food shortage could have what effect in South Sudan?

  • Four million people could be impacted.
  • Fifty thousand children could die of hunger.
  • both

How many people have been displaced in the South Sudanese conflict?

  • 70,000
  • 1.6 million
  • 500,000

Yemen is also facing an ongoing civil war. What group is leading the insurgency?

  • Houthis
  • Sunnis
  • Christians

What branch are the Houthis part of?

  • Sunni Islam
  • Shiite Islam
  • neither

What are Yemeni Houthis officially referred to as?

  • Zaidis
  • IS
  • Ansar Allah

Who did the Houthi rebels force out of office in early 2015?

  • the president
  • the ayatollah
  • the imam

Hadi is now …

  • back in office
  • living in Saudi Arabia
  • missing

The political chaos has resulted in …

  • a growing Islamic State (IS) group presence
  • a growing al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) presence
  • both

The war in Yemen has left how many people displaced?

  • 200,000
  • 700,000
  • 1.3 million

You might be familiar with the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan, but do you know what group is attempting an insurgency?

  • the Taliban
  • al-Qaida
  • IS

Where are the Taliban now?

  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • both

When did the Syrian civil war begin?

  • 2014
  • 2000
  • 2011

What was the focus of the initial Syrian Arab Spring protests?

  • President Bashar Assad's regime
  • women's rights
  • education

Who joined forces with the Syrian government against rebels?

  • Russia
  • Iran
  • both

Who has been able to operate in a wide swath of Syrian territory?

  • al-Qaida
  • IS
  • Libya

How many people are now registered as Syrian refugees?

  • 2.3 million
  • 3 million
  • 4.8 million

What proportion of the population of Syria has been either fled or internally displaced by fighting?

  • a quarter of the population
  • half the population
  • 15 percent of the population

Where have most of the refugees gone?

  • Turkey
  • Germany
  • Greece

How many IS fighters are estimated to be in Syria?

  • 20,000-31,500
  • 5,000-10,000
  • 400,000

Libya has two different groups that claim to be what?

  • the leading armies
  • the ruling government
  • the president's cabinet

The General National Congress (GNC) in Libya was voted out of power but did what instead?

  • formed its own government in Tripoli, Libya
  • refused to leave
  • resigned first

The rival Libyan government is called what?

  • House of Representatives
  • Congress
  • Libyan Freedom Party

The Libyan "Operation Dignity" called for …

  • dissolving the GNC
  • fighting Islamists
  • both

To counter Operation Dignity, opponents formed a group called ...

  • Libya Unite
  • Libya Dawn
  • Libya Home

How many Libyan people have been internally displaced in the fighting and political chaos?

  • about 10,000
  • about 435,000
  • about one million