The Lotion Conundrum: Moisturizing Acne-Prone Skin
by Staff
Moisturizing your skin when it's prone to breakouts. Good? Bad? Ugly? Test what you know about how to care for acne-prone skin.

True or false: It's important to moisturize, even if you have acne-prone skin.

  • true
  • false

What does the term non-comedogenic mean?

  • The product will treat acne.
  • The product contains sunscreen.
  • The product won't cause acne.

True or false: Natural products are better for your acne-prone skin.

  • true
  • false

What type of moisturizer should you choose if you have acne-prone skin?

  • creamy, oil-based lotions
  • non-comedogenic, water-based formulas
  • creams formulated with vitamin K

What type of moisturizer absorbs moisture from the air to hydrate your skin?

  • lubricant
  • humectant
  • emollient

Which should you apply to your clean face first, acne medication or moisturizer?

  • acne treatments, then moisturizer
  • moisturizer, then acne treatments

Which type of moisturizers usually contain more lipids (oils and fats)?

  • serums
  • lotions
  • creams

What acne-controlling ingredient causes sun sensitivity?

  • glycerin
  • lipids
  • retinol

What causes those dark, brown spots that sometimes appear after an acne breakout?

  • excess melanin
  • excess melatonin
  • a side effect of topical vitamin A creams

How much moisturizer should most people use on their face?

  • a pea-sized amount
  • a palm full
  • 1 ounce