The Molecular Gastronomy Quiz
by Staff
Molecular gastronomy takes the culinary arts to soaring new heights. It's not just a feast for your taste buds, it's a feast for your all of your senses -- your sight, smell, touch and even hearing.

What two sciences does molecular gastronomy incorporate into its cooking methods?

  • physics and chemistry
  • chemistry and biology
  • physics and engineering

True or false? Molecular cuisine is deconstructed into a series of highly alchemized individual textures, flavors and compounds.

  • TRUE

What UK restaurant is renowned for its molecular gastronomy?

  • The Fat Duck
  • Salon
  • Lyle's

Who is considered the father of molecular gastronomy?

  • Hervé This
  • Heston Blumenthal
  • Ferran Adrià

What is one common piece of equipment used by many molecular gastronomy chefs?

  • slow cooker
  • anti-griddle
  • blow torch

Another form of cooking popular in molecular gastronomy is sous-vide. What is sous-vide?

  • cooking foods fast over high heat
  • cooking foods slowly in vacuum-sealed bags
  • cooking foods with both high and low heat

Sous-vide is the French term that means what?

  • under vacuum
  • in water
  • under water

What is transglutaminase used for?

  • bonding protein together
  • creating foams
  • making smoke

Why is ice cream created with liquid nitrogen so creamy?

  • It freezes so fast.
  • It makes whipping easier.
  • It creates more air.

True or false? Spherification is the process of shaping a liquid into spheres, usually using sodium alginate.

  • TRUE

Which group of ingredients help chefs create gels?

  • hydrocolloids
  • maltodextrins
  • sucrose esters

Grant Atchaz is the chef of what famed Chicago restaurant?

  • Au Cheval
  • Alinea
  • Avec

True or false? Foams are a distribution of gas in a liquid or a solid.

  • TRUE

True or false? Meringue is a type of dehydrated foam.

  • TRUE

What do emulsions combine into a stable mix?

  • oil and water
  • liquid and air
  • cream and air

Which of the following is NOT a type of emulsion stabilizer?

  • sucrose and maltodextrin
  • agar, carrageenan, gellan
  • xanthan gum and guar gum

What kind of emulsion do chefs use to create air or "espuma" foams?

  • soy lecithin
  • agar
  • sodium alginate

Powders are flavors that are dried to a dust and then sprinkled as a garnish. What food additive is used to create powders?

  • maltodextrin
  • sodium alginate
  • acetic acid

True or false? Molecular gastronomes have found a way to serve hot ice cream.

  • TRUE

What is alginate created from?

  • brown seaweed
  • algae
  • tree bark

Which is NOT responsible for making spheres and caviar?

  • sodium citrate
  • calcium chloride
  • maltodextrin

What kitchen device spins at high speed to separate products into parts based on density?

  • bain marie
  • food centrifuge
  • searzall

What is the process of forming various textures of small gels with macromolecules?

  • gelification
  • foaming
  • smoking

True or false? Basic spherification is when a liquid with calcium content is submerged in a bath of sodium alginate.

  • TRUE

What is edible paper made of?

  • soybeans and potato starch
  • soybeans and flour
  • rice flour and soybeans

True or false? The term molecular gastronomy was coined in 1978.

  • TRUE

True or false? Physicist and inventor Benjamin Thompson is credited with the idea of sous-vide cooking.

  • TRUE

What book did Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler and Albert Adrià publish in 2008?

  • "Culinary Artistry"
  • "On Cooking"
  • "A Day at elBulli"

True or false? Presentation is a key component to molecular gastronomy.

  • TRUE

What did Ferran Adrià do with his famed three Michelin-starred restaurant elBulli after he decided to close it in 2011?

  • It has remained closed.
  • reopened it in 2014 as a creative culinary center
  • reopened it in 2014 as elBulli 2.0