The Ultimate Monkey Quiz
by Staff
Monkeys, like humans and the great apes is are primates. Like other primates, they vary greatly in size, color and behavior. Take this quiz and learn more about monkeys.

Where do most monkeys live?

  • warm lowlands
  • upper slopes of mountains
  • equatorial forests

Which is the smallest monkey?

  • rhesus
  • capuchin
  • pygmy marmosets

How big are they?

  • four inches (10 cm)
  • six inches (15 cm)
  • ten inches (25.4 cm)

On the other end of the scale, what is the biggest monkey?

  • chimp
  • baboon
  • macaque

How big is it?

  • two feet (60 cm)
  • three feet (91 cm)
  • four feet (122 cm)

What do they weigh?

  • 195 pounds (88 kg)
  • 180 pounds (82 kg)
  • 165 pounds (75 kg)

How do baboons in the wild relate to humans?

  • They are friendly and curious.
  • Usually they are aggressive and dangerous.
  • Only mothers with young are dangerous.

Which is the most intelligent African monkey?

  • rhesus
  • chimpanzee
  • sapajou

Which South American monkey can be trained as an amusing, affectionate pet?

  • douroucouli
  • mandrill
  • capuchin

What are the social habits of monkeys?

  • They are basically loners, meeting to mate and feed.
  • Most travel and feed in groups.
  • They move strictly in families of parents and offspring.

Are monkeys carnivores?

  • They eat insects and birds.
  • They are usually herbivores.
  • Only the large monkeys like the baboon are flesh eaters.

There is only one monkey that sleeps by day and hunts for food at night. Which is it?

  • sapajou
  • baboon
  • owl monkey, or douroucouli

When we speak of Old World and New World monkeys, what do we mean?

  • It's a cultural distinction of ethnic origins.
  • Asia, Africa and Europe are the Old World, the Americas are the New.
  • Africa is the New World while Asia is the Old.

Which monkeys have prehensile (grasping) tails?

  • Only Old World monkeys have them.
  • All monkeys have them.
  • Only New World monkeys have them.

What do Old World monkeys have on their buttocks?

  • thick pads of skin
  • distinctive markings
  • pouches for storing food

What facial characteristic differentiates between the two groups?

  • the eyes
  • the noses
  • the mouth

Only one monkey can be found in Europe. Which is it?

  • Diana monkey
  • mandrill
  • Barbary ape

What is a guereza?

  • black-and-white colobus monkey
  • a species sacred in some Asian countries
  • a crab-eating monkey

Which is the fastest primate?

  • red colobus
  • patas monkey
  • macaque

What is unusual about the proboscis monkey?

  • its eyes
  • its tail
  • its nose