Here's Looking at You: The Moroccan Traditions Quiz
by Staff
An exotic, rather mysterious country, Morocco often seems to be a world apart. Let's see how much you know about this storied African country and its traditions.

Where, exactly, is Morocco?

  • Southwestern Africa
  • Northwestern Africa
  • Northeastern Africa

What is the name of Morocco's indigenous people?

  • Berbers
  • Arabs
  • French Arabs

When did the Arabs come to Morocco?

  • 2nd century B.C.
  • 3rd century A.D.
  • 7th century A.D.

Which European country colonized Morocco?

  • France
  • Spain
  • England

How do most Moroccans identify themselves from a religious standpoint today?

  • Sunni Muslim
  • Shiite Muslim
  • Catholic

What are two staple dishes in Moroccans' diets?

  • couscous and lamb
  • tagine and lamb kebobs
  • harira and couscous

What is tagine?

  • an earthenware vessel
  • a Moroccan stew
  • both of the above

What is probably the most popular drink in Morocco?

  • Coca-Cola
  • mint tea
  • Turkish coffee

How do Moroccans greet one another?

  • bow
  • kiss on the cheek
  • shake hands and touch their hearts

What is the popular dress today for Moroccan women?

  • Western wear
  • robe and headscarf
  • burqa (garment that covers everything)

What kind of clothing do Moroccan men typically wear?

  • kaftan (long, loose shirt) and fez
  • jeans and t-shirt
  • Western wear or djellaba -- it doesn't matter

What is a babouche?

  • leather slipper
  • headscarf
  • casserole

What is one common feature of Moroccan architecture?

  • courtyards
  • pillars
  • pictures

What are two signature elements in Moroccan design?

  • geometric patterns and bold colors
  • Islamic calligraphy and curved lines
  • small, arched doorways and candles

Zellige is commonly used in Moroccan home décor. What is it?

  • an intricate henna design
  • ceramic tile
  • a wispy curtain over a doorway

What is a common Moroccan decorative accessory?

  • lantern
  • trio of earth-toned candles
  • woven basket

How do Moroccans view time?

  • They're very punctual.
  • They're typically late.
  • They make appointments according to the Islamic prayer schedule.

Souks can be found in every Moroccan city and town. What are they?

  • cafes
  • small mosques
  • open-air markets

How do Moroccans typically treat strangers?

  • warmly
  • suspiciously
  • ambivalently

What famous 20th-century movie was set in Morocco?

  • "Pirates"
  • "Patton"
  • "Casablanca "