The Ultimate Most Expensive Workshop Tool Quiz
by Staff
With ever-increasing technological advances, more and more user-friendly tools have flooded the market, suitable for the professional and the layman alike. But what about the price? The most expensive workshop tool on the market is the plasma cutter. Find out why by taking this quiz.

Which of these is the most expensive item on the workshop tool market?

  • an electric screwdriver
  • a plasma cutter
  • a chain saw

How does a plasma cutter work?

  • It uses plasma to cut diamonds.
  • It uses metal to cut plasma.
  • It uses plasma to cut metal.

If plasma is matter's fourth state, what are the first three?

  • solid, liquid, gas
  • fire, earth, water
  • hydrogen, helium, lithium

What is the most common form of visible matter in the universe?

  • gas
  • plasma
  • dark matter

What happens in the ionization process?

  • Very high temperatures cause atoms to break apart into electrons and nuclei.
  • Atoms combine to form ions: protons, neutrons and electrons.
  • Matter is ionized, causing the breakdown of particles into atoms.

Plasma cutters create an electrical circuit between the power source and the metal that's being cut. What is the nature of this power source?

  • an ionized laser beam projecting out of the nozzle
  • an electrical wall fixture
  • a negatively charged electrode at the tip of the nozzle

In a plasma cutter, what is turned into a plasma state?

  • electricity
  • pressurized gas
  • electrodes

How much does a Torchmate XS2 Precision Plasma and Oxy-Fuel Water Table Cutting System cost?

  • over $200,000
  • over $500,000
  • over $1,000,000

Why would you operate the oxy-fuel cutting system instead of the plasma cutter?

  • It's much easier to handle.
  • It's better for thicker pieces of steel.
  • It's cheaper to run.

What is the maximum cutting speed of the Torchmate XS2?

  • 500 inches (1,270 centimeters) per minute
  • 1,000 inches (2,540 centimeters) per minute
  • 1,500 inches (3,810 centimeters) per minute

How accurate are the precision resolutions of the Torchmate XS2?

  • mildly accurate
  • extremely accurate
  • unfortunately inaccurate

What monitors the plasma flow?

  • a torch height control system
  • a manual throttle
  • a torch width control system

The plasma cutter is a CNC (computer numerical control) machine, so it has its own:

  • plasma screen
  • computer software
  • plasma blades

What can you achieve if you duplicate shapes and condense them?

  • You get double the amount of cut metal.
  • You conserve metal while cutting it.
  • You achieve a sharper image on your metal.

What allows you to set the plasma cutter to exact and precise settings?

  • the dials
  • the plasma levels
  • the digital controls