Test Your Knowledge: Mother-Daughter Relationships
by Staff
Which is more difficult -- getting along with your mom or taking this quiz? Answer these questions and see.

All mother-daughter relationships fall under which category?

  • contentious
  • friendly
  • There is no one category.

What is a common complaint daughters have about mothers?

  • that their mother is out of touch
  • that their mother is overly critical
  • that their mother is moody

What is one of the biggest enemies of mother-daughter relationships?

  • idealism
  • frustration
  • conflict

When conflict in a mother-daughter relationship arises, the best thing to do is what?

  • ignore it
  • point it out
  • repair it

Who is the best person to bring into an adult mother-daughter conflict?

  • the father
  • a sibling
  • no one else

A traditional mother-daughter relationship involving a minor daughter is called what?

  • a vertical relationship
  • a hierarchal relationship
  • a matriarchal relationship

What percentage of women between the ages of 21 and 54 consider their mother one of their best friends?

  • 39 percent
  • 56 percent
  • 71 percent

For the mother of a young or adolescent girl, over-emphasizing friendship in the relationship can have what negative effect?

  • the blurring of boundaries
  • making the mom seem less cool
  • spoiling the daughter

What's the name of the trend in which mothers mimic the fashion, shopping and pop-culture choices of their adolescent daughters?

  • twin moms
  • copycat moms
  • daughter doppelgangers

Browsing through magazines with your daughter is a great way to bring up the topic of what?

  • body image
  • a homework project
  • her messy room

What percentage of moms think mothering a daughter is more fraught with conflict than mothering a son?

  • 30 percent
  • 50 percent
  • 90 percent

What pair of inanimate objects best represents communication between a mother and daughter?

  • spoons
  • end tables
  • chairs

Forty-five percent of men say their mother was more influential in their lives than their father was. What percentage of women say the same?

  • 35 percent
  • 68 percent
  • 78 percent

What is it called when, later in life, the mother-daughter relationship reverses and the daughter becomes more like a parent?

  • daughter-mother relationship
  • evolved motherhood
  • reverse nurture

If a daughter is enmeshed with her mother, it's likely to mean what?

  • She won't make decisions without her mother's input.
  • She and her mother think the same thoughts.
  • She secretly hates her mother.

Regardless of whether or not the relationship is close, many daughters still have which fear about their mothers?

  • that their mother doesn't love them
  • that they will become just like their mother
  • that their mother favors their brother

Sixty-eight percent of women between the ages of 18 and 35 suspect that their mothers resent what?

  • their father
  • their appearance
  • their life choices

When a mother and adult daughter clash often, it can be because of what reason?

  • overestimating the other's control
  • competitiveness
  • dislike of one another

When a mother-daughter relationship becomes sisterly, what problem can arise?

  • They gossip about one another.
  • They develop a rivalry.
  • They bond too closely.

What stepdaughter do stepmoms have the hardest time bonding with?

  • the youngest daughter
  • the middle daughter
  • the oldest daughter