The Motorcycle Quiz
by Staff
From Grand Prix dirt bikes to high-end models with built-in navigation systems, motorcycles appeal to a wide range of folks. All you easy riders rev up your engines and test your knowledge with the motorcycle quiz.

When was the motorcycle's layout established?

  • 1904
  • 1914
  • 1934

The rotational force of the crankshaft is transmitted to:

  • the engine
  • the front wheel
  • the rear wheel

Which of the following is NOT one of the three ways used to classify a motorcycle engine?

  • the number of cylinders
  • the number of strokes in its power cycle
  • the size of the camshaft

In 1917, who bought roughly one-third of all the Harley-Davidson motorcycles produced?

  • Hell's Angels
  • the U.S. military
  • the Salvation Army

Which of the following is NOT one of the three basic ways to transmit engine power to the motorcycle's rear wheel?

  • chain
  • belt
  • waterjet

Unwanted motion in the rear of the motorcycle is called:

  • gear shaking
  • shaft jacking
  • clutch clunking

The frame, suspension, wheels and brakes comprise the motorcycle's:

  • body
  • channel
  • chassis

What allows motorcycles to use tubeless tires now?

  • cast wheels
  • pneumatic tires
  • steel rims

What do riders use to activate a motorcycle's brakes?

  • hand levers
  • foot pedals
  • both hand levers and foot pedals

Which of the following types of motorcycles aren't street-legal?

  • "naked bikes"
  • off-road bikes
  • sport bikes