The Ultimate Motorcycle Tire Accessory Quiz
by Staff
You have a motorcycle. It has wheels. And tires. Think that's the end? Nope. You're just getting started. With so many different types of tires and tire accessories available to bikers, you may find it hard to choose. So how much do you know about these important motorcycle parts? Take this quiz to find out!

What's commonly added to rubber compounds to make a tire stick to pavement in wet conditions?

  • silica
  • Gore-Tex
  • safflower oil

Which type of tire gets the best gas mileage?

  • dual-sport
  • racing slick
  • touring

Which type of tire is made from the softest rubber?

  • racing slick
  • sport touring
  • touring

What are the three numbers printed on the side of your tire in the format 120/70/R17?

  • width, aspect ratio, rim size
  • width, pressure, rim size
  • width, gas mileage, pressure

What's one important thing to look for when buying totally boss alien skull valve stem caps?

  • sub-inch clearance
  • reverse threading
  • a rubber gasket

Which of the following is a cheap way to add style to your wheels?

  • simulators
  • star frames
  • spinners

Which tires are designed for both street and off-road use?

  • crossover
  • sport touring
  • dual-sport

For which off-road surface would you want deep tread and high pressure tires?

  • spongy forest
  • gravel road
  • sandy beach

A tire warmer should bring your racing slick up to approximately what temperature, Fahrenheit?

  • 200 degrees
  • 170 degrees
  • 100 degrees

Compared to a touring tire, which of the following describes a sport touring tire?

  • less stable, less gas mileage
  • more stable, less gas mileage
  • more stable, more gas mileage