The Washington Estate: Mount Vernon Quiz
by Staff
You may know it was the home of the father of our country, but what else do you know about Mount Vernon, George and Martha Washington's mansion in Virginia? Take our quiz to find out.

What river does Mount Vernon sit on?

  • Delaware River
  • Potomac River
  • James River

How many rooms does the mansion have?

  • 10
  • 21
  • 35

What was the original name of Mount Vernon?

  • Potomac Plantation
  • Little Hunting Creek Plantation
  • Washington Plantation

The name was changed in 1743. Who is Mount Vernon named for?

  • an admiral in the British navy
  • Augustine Washington's favorite servant
  • George Washington's uncle

What animal sits atop the cupola on the mansion's weathervane?

  • horse
  • American bald eagle
  • dove of peace

What is the siding on the mansion made of?

  • stone
  • pine
  • brick

George Washington designed one of the mansion's most iconic features — something that wasn't traditionally seen on private homes like it is today. What was it?

  • the dormer windows
  • the cupola
  • the piazza

True or false: The Washingtons had slaves at Mount Vernon.

  • true
  • false

The last room added to Mount Vernon took 10 years to complete, partly due to the war and lack of men to work on the house during that time. What room was it?

  • the parlor
  • the New Room
  • the dining room

In George's day the basement wasn't used as a man cave, though Mount Vernon would have had plenty of room for one. What was in the basement?

  • kitchen, well, wine cellar
  • safe room, storage, armory
  • slaves' rooms, bowling alley, gardening shed

One of the most popular rooms at Mount Vernon is the Nelly Custis Bedchamber. Who was Nelly?

  • Martha Washington's grandchild
  • George Washington's illegitimate child
  • the child of neighbors and friends

Despite owning a mansion (plantation, really), Washington was often short of cash, with his money tied to his real estate. In fact, he had to borrow money to move to New York to live as president. How much did the move cost him?

  • 600 pounds
  • 500 pounds
  • 250 pounds

Washington may not have had a traditional man cave in the mansion's cellar, but he carved out space in the home for washing, bathing, dressing, working and escaping the never-ending flow of friends. What is this personal space called?

  • George Washington's dressing chamber
  • George Washington's study
  • George Washington's bedchamber

How many children did George and Martha have together at Mount Vernon?

  • six
  • four
  • zero

Mount Vernon was George's family home, but Martha came from wealth as well and used that wealth to ensure she was well dressed. Where did Martha often order handmade clothes and shoes from?

  • Paris
  • London
  • New York

Even with the labor of about 300 enslaved African-Americans, George Washington was always looking for ways for the farm to make money. He went into a new, related business after the presidency. What was it?

  • wine
  • whiskey
  • beer

Was the new business a success?

  • yes
  • no
  • not until after George Washington's death

At the museum, visitors can see one set of George Washington's dentures. What were they made of?

  • wood
  • pig bone
  • teeth and ivory

True or false: Mount Vernon is the most visited private house museum in the country.

  • true
  • false

Martha had slaves and servants do what she called the "drudgery duties," but she performed some household tasks. What was her favorite household duty?

  • cooking and meal planning
  • needlework
  • design and decorating

One way to show wealth at the time was to have a building that was not used often. Washington had one built in 1775. What was it?

  • the ladies parlor
  • the servants' hall
  • the pergola

When did George Washington die?

  • Dec. 25, 1799
  • July 4, 1796
  • Dec. 14, 1799

George and Martha were very close and looked forward to a long life together in Mount Vernon. How much longer did Martha live after George's death?

  • two weeks
  • 2 1/2 months
  • 2 1/2 years

George received the most up-to-date medical care that his considerable fortune could provide. How did the three doctors who attended him try to cure his throat ailment just before his death?

  • They bled him four times and gave him an enema.
  • They applied leeches to his throat.
  • They gave him a potion of poisons to kill the infection.

George asked that he not be put into his burial vault until three days after his death. Why?

  • so he could lie in state at the Capitol
  • so friends and family could pay their respects
  • so they could be sure he was really dead

George and Martha are both buried at Mount Vernon. What is the inscription on George's tomb?

  • a patriot of incorruptible integrity
  • I am the resurrection and the life.
  • first in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen

How did Washington provide for his slaves in his will?

  • He left them to Martha, along with the estate.
  • He asked that they be freed after Martha's death.
  • He granted them 40 acres (16 hectares) and a mule each.

Were the slaves freed?

  • yes
  • no

Who inherited Mount Vernon after George Washington's death?

  • Martha Washington
  • Martha's granddaughter, Nelly Custis
  • George Washington's nephew, Bushrod Washington

Following the deaths of George Washington's heirs, Mount Vernon was to be sold to the U.S. government, which refused to buy the property. What happened to Mount Vernon then?

  • It fell into disrepair, until the National Park Service bought it.
  • The Mount Vernon Ladies' Association of the Union purchased it
  • It was used as a Civil War hospital before being sold again as a private home.