The Ultimate Mountain Bike Accessories Quiz
by Staff
Mountain biking is an extreme sport, because it is not for the faint of heart. Enthusiasts have numerous new gadgets available to make mountain biking more fun and more safe. Take this quiz to learn more about mountain bike accessories.

Why is mountain biking a great form of exercise?

  • increases endurance
  • increases strength
  • both answers

How can you mountain bike in remote areas?

  • don't need trails
  • with trail making equipment
  • both answers

Why is mountain biking considered to be an extreme sport?

  • requires physical fitness
  • involves risk
  • only for professionals

Why should you buy bicycle shorts for your gender?

  • position of pads differs
  • different designs
  • different colors

How do mountain bikers hydrate?

  • hydration backpack and system
  • water bottles
  • wait for a break

Where does the biker wear the hydration backpack?

  • under a shirt
  • over a shirt
  • both answers

How much water will the hydration backpack hold?

  • one liter
  • two liters
  • three liters

How can a mountain biker drink water without using hands?

  • water tube
  • spray bottle
  • both answers

What kind of wristwatch is a good choice for a mountain biker?

  • with different time zones
  • jeweled
  • with a GPS

What kind of soles do high performance biking shoes have?

  • rubber soles
  • leather soles
  • carbon fiber soles

What material is five times stronger than steel?

  • Kevlar
  • aluminum
  • copper

What kind of bike tire may withstand riding over broken glass?

  • Kevlar
  • high grade rubber
  • regular rubber

What should a mountain biker never leave home without?

  • first aid
  • tire repair
  • makeup

How many calories does a 145-pound (66 kilo) rider burn in an hour of mountain biking?

  • 200
  • 350
  • 560

What is the minimum you should expect to spend on a bike helmet?

  • 75
  • 125
  • 250

What kind of bike helmet protects the biker's entire face?

  • open face
  • closed face
  • neither answer

Why do some mountain bikers prefer an open-face bike helmet?

  • The peripheral vision is not limited.
  • The range of motion is not limited.
  • Both answers are correct.

Which finger of mountain-biking gloves has extra padding?

  • pinkie
  • index
  • thumb

If you often ride later than expected, what extra device should you purchase?

  • flashlight
  • LED bike lights
  • flares

What about the rest of your body -- how do you protect your arms and legs?

  • No additional protection is needed.
  • Only leg pads are available for protection.
  • There are pads for all parts of the body.