The Ultimate Mountain Bike Quiz
by Staff
Mountain bikes can be very complicated machines. New technology has created bikes with various features and abilities. Take this quiz to learn more about mountain bikes.

What advances in technology make changing gears on mountain bikes easier?

  • sprocket
  • bike chain
  • derailleur

What is the maximum gear ratios available on mountain bikes?

  • 24
  • 27
  • 36

What ratio is used to make the bike go the fastest?

  • lowest
  • middle
  • highest

What is a good speed for biking up a steep hill?

  • 3.8 mph
  • 25.5 mph
  • 12.3 mph

What gear ratio do you want to bike up hills?

  • low
  • medium
  • high

Mountain bikes built using the latest technology have what kind of suspension?

  • front suspension
  • rear suspension
  • front and rear suspension

What makes up the shock absorber on a mountain bike?

  • spring
  • damper
  • both answers

The mountain bike has an oil-filled damper, what other mode of transportation has an oil-filled damper?

  • cars
  • motorcycles
  • trains

The mountain bike has a suspension fork similar to that of a:

  • car
  • motorcycle
  • trains

Older mountain bike styles have ____________ frames.

  • welded
  • screwed
  • neither answer

What are some of the latest mountain bike frames constructed from?

  • aluminum tubing
  • carbon fiber
  • sheets of metal

How are bike frames most stressed?

  • side-to-side
  • up-and-down
  • both answers

How does frame construction gain the strength to withstand the up-and-down stress of biking?

  • use rectangular shaped material
  • use round tubing material
  • neither answer

Hydroforming the metal involves what process?

  • pressurized with air
  • pressurized with water
  • neither answer

What is an advantage of using carbon filter material for the bike frame?

  • light
  • any shape
  • both answers

Other than a car, what other mode of transportation has disc brakes?

  • mountain bikes
  • trains
  • both answers

What causes wear and tear to the front and rear suspension?

  • rough riding
  • weather
  • weight of the rider

What causes stress on the bike frame?

  • wear and tear of the front and rear suspension
  • weight of the rider
  • both answers

What material is used to construct bike frames using older technology?

  • steel tubing
  • aluminum tubing
  • both answers

What kind of stress do round tubes handle well?

  • up-and-down
  • side-to-side
  • both answers