The Ultimate Mousetrap-powered Car Quiz
by Staff
Mousetrap-powered cars are clever and often unique expressions of creativity, scientific know-how and just plain-old fun. While they might not solve the world's vehicle emissions issues, they're a great way for young and old minds alike to engage in creative problem solving.

The power in mousetrap-powered cars comes from ______.

  • a trapped mouse that rotates a drive-wheel when it runs
  • a mouse pulling the car with a tiny harness strapped to its back
  • the spring action of a mousetrap

Which of the following is NOT commonly used as a wheel on a mousetrap-powered car?

  • An Oreo cookie
  • A compact disc
  • A wheel from a remote-control toy car

When this is pulled on a mousetrap-powered car, it causes the wheels to turn.

  • A shift lever
  • A piece of wood that forms the body
  • A length of string

The body of a mousetrap-powered car should be made of something that is ______.

  • strong -- like thick, plate steel
  • light yet stiff -- like balsa wood or poster board
  • flexible -- like construction paper

True or false: A mousetrap-powered vehicle can have four, three, or even just two wheels?

  • True
  • False

Competitions with mousetrap-powered cars often revolve around which car can go ______.

  • the highest
  • the loudest
  • the farthest

Optimizing a mousetrap-powered car relies heavily on an understanding of ______.

  • geography
  • psychology
  • physics

True or false: The best lubricant for a mousetrap-powered car wheel is peanut butter.

  • True
  • False

The wheels on a mousetrap-powered car rotate on the ______.

  • axles
  • ball bearings
  • retaining bar

Pen barrels are an inexpensive way to mount your mousetrap-powered car's ______.

  • wheel axles
  • ram-air thrusters
  • mousetrap spring damper

A hot glue gun comes in handy when building a mousetrap-powered car because it lets you easily ______.

  • attach the trap to the car body
  • attach the wind-up mouse to the car body
  • glue miniature "spinner" rims to the wheels

Which of the following would likely disqualify a contestant from a mousetrap-powered car competition?

  • Unevenly sized wheels
  • Auxiliary balloon thrusters
  • Extension for the trap arm to pull the string

What mousetrap brand is most commonly cited as the standard "engine" for a mousetrap-powered car?

  • D-Con
  • Tomcat
  • Victor

True or false: A single mousetrap is capable of propelling a miniature car more than 300 feet (91.4 meters).

  • True
  • False

True or false: It's not recommended that those younger than age 18 build mousetrap-powered cars because of the cars' complexity and risk.

  • True
  • False

True or false: It's possible to use multiple mousetraps to propel one mousetrap-powered car.

  • True
  • False

The heart of a mousetrap-powered car that puts the entire vehicle in motion is the ______.

  • spring
  • cheese
  • car body

Which of the following is NOT a reason to use CDs as wheels on a mousetrap-powered car?

  • Their light weight
  • Their shiny surface
  • The ease with which you can obtain them

Perhaps the most important consideration when putting together a mousetrap-powered car is ______.

  • keeping the weight down by using lightweight materials
  • keeping the trap well oiled
  • affixing warning stickers near and around the dangerous trap area

It's best to use skinny wheels on a mousetrap-powered car to ______.

  • be able to sneak up silently on rodent pests before trapping them
  • put those dusty old "Greatest Hits of the 80s" CDs to good use
  • reduce rolling resistance