Tech Talk: MP3 Quiz
by Staff
If you're a music lover and own a portable MP3 player, chances are you've used an MP3 file recently. An accessible and easy-to-use format, MP3s have changed the way people listen to and distribute music. But how do MP3s work?

What type of format is an MP3 file?

  • A lossless format
  • A compression system
  • An analog technology

What's the key to sound quality in an MP3 file?

  • The bit rate
  • The byte rate
  • The bite rate

What's a typcial bit rate for an MP3 file?

  • 10 Kbps
  • 128 Kbps
  • 512 Kbps

What does MPEG stand for?

  • Moving Picture Experts Group
  • Music Playback Encoding Generator
  • Multiple Play Ear Grabber

Which of the following do you not need to make use of MP3 files on your computer?

  • A sound card
  • An MP3 player
  • A microphone

What method won't keep an MP3 file stored on your computer?

  • Purchasing and downloading some from an online store
  • Streaming some from a Web site
  • Ripping some from a CD

What is a data CD?

  • A CD that holds only Excel spreadsheets
  • A CD that holds only an album's worth or so of music
  • A CD that holds several albums' worth of music

An artifact is:

  • Another name for a bit
  • An error generated by an encoder
  • An outdated encoder that compresses music files very slowly

MP3 players generally use two types of ports to transfer data. Which of these isn't one?

  • Ethernet
  • FireWire
  • USB

How can artists maintain control over their music on the Web?

  • Look into a Creative Commons license
  • Ask fans nicely to not illegally distribute music
  • Sue music download sites