The Monsters of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'
by Staff
"Mystery Science Theater 3000" introduced viewers to some of the cheesiest movie monsters ever committed to film. The creatures ranged from ill-conceived radioactive mutants and poorly executed aliens to … um, Torgo. How friendly are you with the monsters of MST3K?

Speaking of Torgo, what sort of monster was the "Manos: The Hands of Fate" character supposed to be?

  • satyr
  • faun
  • homunculus

"The Horror of Party Beach" gave us bikinis, bikers and one of the goofiest aquatic monsters of all time. The creature appeared to have a mouth full of hot dogs. What was its weakness?

  • silver
  • sodium
  • sargassum

"The Creeping Terror" presented MST3K fans with one of the cheapest and lamest movie monsters of all time. Sure, it was SUPPOSED to be an alien from an advanced civilization, but what did it look like really?

  • a walking carpet
  • a black trash bag
  • a gorilla costume with a robot head

Joel and the bots suffered through five different Gamera films in season three, but luckily avoided three other movies about the enormous, flying Japanese turtle. Which of the following is NOT an MST3K-riffed Gamera film?

  • “Gamera vs. Guiron”
  • “Gamera vs. Gyaos”
  • “Gamera vs. Jiger”

In "Squirm," killer earthworms rampage through southeastern Georgia, screaming and occasionally boring into a man's face. What sets the creepy crawlers off?

  • radioactive waste
  • a downed power line
  • an oil spill

In "It Conquered the World," we learned, almost too late, that man is a feeling creature and, because of it, the greatest in the universe. Also, Lee Van Cleef and Peter Graves take on a conical alien from Venus. How does Van Cleef kill the monster?

  • torch to the eye
  • grenade in the mouth
  • barrage of ninja throwing stars

The last thing you want to do is unleash an infestation of crappy puppets. In "Hobgoblins," from where do the furry "Gremlin" knockoffs emerge?

  • an abandoned mine
  • a crashed spaceship
  • a Hollywood film vault

The Russo-Finnish "Jack Frost" unleashes a whole host of strange creatures on Mike and the bots. Which character from Russian folklore is the film's monstrous hag (aka "hunchback fairy”) supposed to be?

  • Baba Yaga
  • Vodyanoy
  • the Sampo

In “Laserblast,” a disenchanted teenager discovers an alien weapon and mutates into a laserblasting monster. What sort of animal do the aliens resemble?

  • bats
  • turtles
  • worms

"The Pod People" features a pair of furry, elephant-trunked alien creatures: a nameless, murderous adult and a cute newborn named Trumpy. What is Trumpy's favorite Earth food?

  • potatoes
  • chocolate
  • kittens

In the MST3K-riffed movie "Santa Claus," what sort of monstrous enemy does old Father Christmas square off against?

  • devil
  • robot
  • Martian

In "The Blood Waters of Dr. Z," a mad scientist by the name of Dr. Kurt Leopold embarks on an insane scheme to avenge himself against the rest of humanity. His first step is to transform himself into a hideous monster. What less than terrifying animal does he attempt to turn into?

  • giant lionfish
  • giant crayfish
  • giant walking catfish

In "Track of the Moon Beast," a chunk of brain-lodged lunar meteorite turns a shirtless dunce into a murderous monster. What does this moon beast resemble?

  • giant lizard
  • giant bat
  • giant wolf

In "Attack of the The Eye Creatures" (yes, the film's title included that exact typo), features horrible monster costumes and some of the worst day-for-night shooting in cinematic history. How do the humans eventually kill the last of the aliens?

  • shine automobile headlights at them
  • distract them with mirrors
  • Molotov cocktails for everyone

In "Being from Another Planet" (aka “Time Walker”), actor Ben Murphy eventually learns that -- as the title suggests -- he and his fellow earthlings are dealing with an extraterrestrial being from an advanced civilization. But the alien spends much of the film disguised as this classic movie monster.

  • werewolf
  • mummy
  • vampire

A reanimated, muscle-bound metalhead runs wild in "Zombie Nightmare." Which actor plays the film's secret bad guy?

  • Peter Graves
  • Donald Pleasence
  • Adam West

In "Night of the Blood Beast," a monstrous, birdlike alien does what comes natural to a human astronaut. What exactly?

  • eats him and assumes his form
  • implants embryos in his body
  • chews his food for him

In which MST3K-riffed movie is a monster dubbed "Uncle Scrotor?"

  • "This Island Earth"
  • "The Phantom Planet"
  • "Fire Maidens from Outer Space"

"Boggy Creek II: and the Legend Continues … " gives us the story of an obsessed professor and his quest to find the elusive skunk ape -- a swamp-loving species of Bigfoot. In what state does the film take place?

  • Mississippi
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana

In "It Lives by Night" (aka “The Bat People”), fruit bats inexplicably bite humans and turn them into bat monsters. Which future award-winning FX artist did the film's special effects?

  • Rick Baker
  • Stan Winston
  • Tom Savini