The Ultimate Multi-Use Office-Guest Room Quiz
by Staff
Your home office space doubles up as a guest room on occasion and that's fine. But how do you organize it, clean it and furnish it? And how do you make it homely and warm for your guests? Take this quiz to see how.

Your home office doubles as a guest room. What's the first step in organizing it?

  • Place a vase of fresh flowers next to the guest bed.
  • Clear everything out of the room, while sorting them into piles.
  • Dust the shelves and desk top.

What should you do with the items in the miscellaneous pile?

  • Throw trash away, donate what you don't need and put everything else in the proper place.
  • Throw them all away because you don't need any of them.
  • Re-sort them out: about half should go to the "for office" pile, and the rest in the "for guest room" pile.

How do you know what you need to buy for the office/guest room?

  • Go by the government standard for such rooms. Whatever the government advises is what you buy.
  • Ask a salesman.
  • Survey the newly organized area and make a personalized list.

What if you have too many items to buy and your budget doesn't allow? What could you do?

  • Ditch the whole idea -- if you can't afford one item, it's not worth getting the others.
  • Schedule them in on the calendar and pace the purchases.
  • Take a bank loan because these items are very important for your office/guest room area.

How do you determine the space allocation in the office/guest room?

  • Always make the office space bigger because it's your personal space. The guests (who anyway come on occasion) will have to live with it.
  • Cut it 50-50, i.e. half the room for each purpose.
  • Make it proportional to how much the room is used for each purpose.

You have large windows in this area with lots of sunlight and garden fragrances. Where should you place your furniture?

  • it depends on whether you welcome these phenomena or want to avoid them
  • close to the windows
  • far from the windows

What factor should you take into consideration when you position your desk?

  • your friends' opinions
  • the value of the desk
  • noise

Is there anything wrong with using an inflatable air mattress for the guest room?

  • Yes, don't do it.
  • It depends.
  • No, there's no reason why not to do it.

You need a spacious work station so that you can also do activities with your kids there. This means that you'll want:

  • an expansive, uncluttered desk
  • lots of shelf space
  • plush wall-to-wall carpets

When you have a multifunctional space, you should bear in mind that you:

  • won't have time to switch the room from one purpose to another
  • will need them both simultaneously
  • won't need them both simultaneously

If you want to have the feeling of divisions or sections, what can you do?

  • Use a folding screen or room divider.
  • Put up Sheet Rock dividers.
  • Install swinging doors.

You are limited in space and you also can't move a bed in and out through the doorway when needed. What's the best solution for bedding?

  • a hammock
  • a compact chair, chaise or couch that opens into a regular-sized bed
  • a sleeping bag

Sometimes you need a large desk space, while other times you want the desk minimized. Is there a solution?

  • Yes, use an inflatable desk.
  • Yes, you can get a modular desk.
  • No, you'd have to decide beforehand which need outweighs the other.

What sort of shelves would be ideal for your office/guest room?

  • semi-circular shelves
  • horizontal shelves
  • vertical shelves

What would be another use for a bookcase aside from storing books and office supplies?

  • as a dividing wall
  • as a luggage storage area
  • as a guest pantry

Is a suitcase bench a good idea or does it take up too much space?

  • It's a good idea. You can leave it open permanently and it doesn't take up much space at all.
  • It takes up too much space. The guest might need to leave the suitcase on the floor instead.
  • It's a good idea. You can fold and stow it away when you don't need it.

Where can guests hang their clothes in this office/guest room?

  • in a four-door closet
  • on a shower rod
  • over the back of your office chair

How often should you dust the area?

  • about once a week
  • once a month is sufficient
  • every three months would be ample

For maintenance purposes, what should you do once every month?

  • Reassess, then introduce a small change to maximize functionality.
  • Wash the curtains.
  • Close the room to guests.

What is the best thing you can do in order to maintain cleanliness?

  • Keep plastic sheeting over the surfaces.
  • Organize a regular cleaning schedule.
  • Hose down the work space often.